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9:17 pm - Sunday, Jun. 03, 2007
Making Lemons Out Of Lemonade

Making Lemons Out Of Lemonade

Sun 6/3/07 (7:10 p.m.)

Normally, I wouldn’t be writing this now–I’d be at work–but I was “pre-allocated” (“Re-allocated” is ArcLight-speak for being sent home early because it’s a slow night. I was pre re-allocated a couple days ago, when management assumed, correctly, that it would be a slow weekend, since we don’t have Pirates Of The Caribbean or Knocked Up).

So here I am.

I stayed up all night last night–my late nights have been getting later lately-fueled partly by cable and partly by...I don’t know what. But it’s not a good thing, when I do that, because it guarantees I’m not gonna do much but sleep and eat the next day (Speaking of eating, I should consider getting some groceries–I’m out of pretty much everything but sandwich stuff and a couple things of Ramen noodles).

Slow goings on the career front for awhile now...I’ve had two unmemorable commercial auditions in the past two weeks (And nothing the week before that), and I had my first casting workshop in a couple weeks yesterday afternoon (That was also not terrible memorable, though hopefully, the casting person didn’t feel that way, since it’s the office that has cast such great films as Adaptation and Little Miss Sunshine).

Recently I received two things in the mail that should have been good news, but instead, left me feeling a little anxious.

Thing #1 was another Propel check (It’s resting comfortably in my wallet right now, waiting for a trip to the bank tomorrow).

That should have been good news, because getting a check in the mail is always good news, right? But in this case, the check was relatively small, leaving me worried that the flow of money from Propel is becoming a trickle.

But at least I’m still getting a trickle. And I’ve got the Coldstone spot (Though that’s cable, not network), along with the possibility of still getting a little something from the “Bahamavention” thing and/or the Comcast promos (My Gilmore Girls episode re-ran recently, so I’ll be getting a small residual check for that at some point).

And of course, there’s ArcLight (Which at this point basically covers the rent, with a few dollars left over). And walking the neighbor’s dog, for a little “walking-around money”.

And it’s not like the cupboard’s bare or anything; I’ve got money in my checking account, and my savings.

And beyond that, there’s always the possibility of booking more work in the coming weeks/months (I’m looking for another national commercial or two–or three–as well as some more resume-building tv co-star roles, and maybe a film. The first half of the year was good, but I’m looking for the second half to be better).

Thing #2 that came in the mail was something you’d think I’d be doing a real “happy dance” about–My SAG health insurance stuff.

They have two “tiers” of eligibility for insurance, and I made it to the lower tier–I’m covered for major medical or surgical, but not dental, vision, or mental health/chemical dependence (I have to call them about hospital coverage, because I’m not exactly sure what they’re telling me with the info they sent). Anyway, said coverage starts in July, and will basically last for one year, assuming I pay my premiums in a timely manner. After that, it’ll depend on whether I make enough money throughout the year to continue to qualify.

I have to be honest–After last year’s health issue (I had to have some abdominal surgery), and getting hooked up with QueensCare, a Catholic charity that paid for the surgery and hospital stay (And has a clinic within walking distance from my house), my first response to getting the health insurance packet was “Oh shit! Now I’m gonna have to pay for this stuff...!”.

But that “Oh shit!” response also mixed and mingled with a certain pride (To the point where it’s actually hard to say which reaction came first); it’s kind of cool, in my second year in SAG, that I’ve actually qualified for some benefits. Gotta read that as something of a milestone.

But getting a sharply reduced Propel check the same day a new bill came in the mail fanned the flames of fiscal anxiety, and I had to basically “talk myself down” from excessive fretting.

Cause the fact is, I’ve got the money to cover the year (I may just send them the whole thing now, and be done with it). And while I hope I’ll make enough to be eligible the following year–and the year after that, and the year after that–if not, at least now I know where to go if I need help.

But I feel the grocery store calling me, so I must fly...


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