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3:08 pm - Mon 8/28/06
Lemons Into Lemonade

Lemons Into Lemonade

Fri 8/25/06 (2:12 pm)

Well, I didn't get the gig on The Loop...

Brett called yesterday--They told him they liked me, and though I wasn't quite right for this, they'd be calling me in for something else at some point.

It was basically a glorified extra job--My one line was "Sure. Go right ahead."--so in terms of "acting", I wasn't especially disappointed to not get it (My bits on House and Gilmore Girls, though similarly small, were actually better). But in terms of missing out on another TV credit for the resume, and most importantly right now, missing out on another paycheck, I was very disappointed.

(But to make lemonade out of this lemon, I'm going to assume they weren't bs-ing Brett, and they really do plan on bringing me in for something else at some point.)


Later, Brett K. called with the first audition he's secured for me in his new capacity as my "Manager".

But initial excitement quickly turned into more disappointment: It was for a "deferred payment" thing that I'd seen myself and passed on (I'm still getting breakdowns through the end of the month).

("Deferred payment" usually means "no payment". And I can't afford that. I can't afford "deferred" if it really means getting paid somewhere down the line--I need money now.)

So I declined it.

(I was uncomfortable saying "No thanks" to Brett our first time out of the gate, because I really want this to be a happy, successful relationship. But he was cool with it; now he knows not to submit me for that kind of stuff, and we can go forward.)


Money, as you might have guessed from the tone of this entry, is much on my mind these days, as the month winds down, a rent increase begins next month, the Gilmore Girls check still hasn't come, and my take-home from the theater this month is definitely not going to cover all my bills.

Sat 8/26/06 (4:03 p.m.)

Earlier, I sent 22 postcards out to casting directors I’ve seen at ACG, telling them about my Gilmore Girls gig, and letting them know I’m now represented by Brett K./ Proactive Management Group (I’m not actually done–I have to finish a few more from the list I’ve got on computer, then catch the ones in my “pocket journal” that haven’t made it to the computer list yet–but it’s pretty tedious stuff, writing the same crap over and over again, so I’m gonna take a break, and finish up after I get home from work tonite).

I know I’m looking like “The King of Procrastination” here–I had two weeks to do this before tomorrow’s “Actor Management Group” meeting (Where it was one of my “goals”)--but it’s not totally my fault; When I went to pick up the postcards a week ago Monday, they’d forgotten to put my number on them, so I had to wait another week while they were re-done (Though the delay actually worked out--I hadn't expected Brett to get his management act together so fast, so I'd given them my voicemail number, when I'd really rather they have the PMG number anyway).

Hard to imagine casting people care one way or another about this shit--particularly when it's piddly little co-star roles--but it’s what you’re supposed to do. And I imagine it does start to register if/when you’re sending postcards on a regular basis, telling them you booked this movie or that tv show or what-have-you.

So I'm going to strain my brain here and try some “positive thinking”: This is the first of many mailings I’ll be sending out to casting people.


In medical news...

I’ve been wanting to meet Evelyn Moody, the person who runs the QueensCare clinic nearest me, for awhile now (She’s been my “point person” with the hospital bill stuff, and I’ve just wanted to thank her in person, and put a face to the person and the organization that's been helping me).

Well, I did meet her, earlier this week, and she couldn’t have been nicer. Very concerned and caring–She asked if I’d gotten any “second notices” from the hospital, and reminded me to send them directly to her if I did.

She also said that, should I need to go into the hospital again for anything, to tell them I’m a QueensCare patient, and I’d be all set.

I've had this vague, free-floating anxiety, as I've kept getting bill after bill from the hospital, that QueensCare would eventually say, "Okay, we're done--You're on your own now Jimmy...". But happily, that isn't the case at all--For the first time in my life, I was worrying about nothing (I was being a tad facetious there, if you couldn't tell).

And on that note, I think I’m going to quickly post this in Diaryland, then it’s off to work...

Today (3:44 p.m.)

Well, Lori H. at Lisa Miller-Katz wasn't just BS-ing Brett: I got a call from her less than an hour ago, asking me to come in for another bit on The Loop (This time, an "executive", who Lori said--almost apologetically--basically has one word to say).

But hey--A credit's a credit, money's money, blah blah blah, etc. and so on and so forth. And I feel like if they're having me back in so quickly, they must really want to cast me in something.

The audition is tomorrow at 3:00 (I had to call work to tell them I'll be late--My shift's from 3-11 tomorrow--then I called Brett, to let him know I'd gotten the call from Lori).

And in other good news--At my AMG meeting yesterday, people said I should email JS about my "Gilmore Girls" money, and ask him to look into it.

Well, I did, and he did, and it turns out accounting screwed up the paperwork, sending my money to someplace in North Hollywood. So they're going to stop payment on that check. Then when it clears, they'll cut me a new check, and send it to where I actually live.

I doubt I'll get it in time to help me out of my current fiscal situation, but at least I know it's coming.

And that's good news.

And with that, I'm outta here...


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