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11:53 AM - Sun 8.13.23

Silly Problems For A Silly Man


Not much to report from here, I'm afraid to say...but since that's never stopped me from writing before, why start now...?

Picketed with Josh for a couple hours at Netflix on Friday (Took a while, but eventually there was a pretty-respectable presence there. Feels like Paramount and Netflix maybe aren't the coolest places to picket - At least no big celebrities have shown up there when we've been there - but they're the studios closest to my apartment, so that's probably where I'll continue to do the thing).

Josh is going to be away again this week, so if I'm gonna do the thing, I'll be doing the thing on my own, probably on Tuesday and Friday (Which, not coincidentally, are the days I don't have classes at GenSpace - I'm invested enough in those that I don't want to risk "falling out of the habit" because I'm too pooped from picketing to drag myself there).

It's been good for me to have some set "things to do" since Jane left - Without picketing and GenSpace, I think the only time I'd be leaving my apartment would be to get groceries (I have Instacart on my phone but never use it, because I know myself well enough to know that would be the end of me getting any exercise at all).

Yesterday I went to Target, basically just for something to do - though I did need to conduct some shoe-buying business at the WSS across the street - and while I was proud of myself for not buying any action figures while I was there (They usually don't really have anything, but yesterday I could have easily spent a couple hundred dollars), I'm still pining for the GI Joe "Shipwreck" figure I passed up.

"My guys", as I sometimes call my figure collection, feel like they've become a bit of a problem.

One problem is financial - They don't feel like the best purchasing decision for me to be making in a world where I don't have a regular income, and my ability to earn acting income has been curtailed radically by the strike.

The other problem is spatial/emotional in nature - I'm kind of a slob/borderline "hoarder",, I live in a small apartment, and I have enough figures at this point that they're at risk of moving from a "collection" to a "hoard".

This means I have to either find the space to put them all on display properly, or I have to have some designated area for display, and put the rest of the figures away until it's their turn to be displayed - As things stand, I have some on display, but just as many, if not more, just scattered about the apartment, willy-nilly.

And that's not fun.

It feels like a silly problem for a 62-year-old man to have...but here we are.

(Getting near time for me to hit the shower - I've been threatening to see Oppenheimer for a while now, and I think today's the day...)

As I wind down here, it strikes me - not for the first time - that I'm fortunate to have the luxury of having "silly problems".

While my time will come to have "non-silly problems" - and one of my problems is worrying about that time to come - that time is not today.

Today I get to shower, get into some clean clothes, and go to the movies (Then come home and figure out what to do with all my toys).

Till next time...



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