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1:42 pm - Thurs 8.21.2008
\"The End Of Faith\", \"The War Of Art\", and \"The Battle Against Lethargy\"

The End Of Faith, The War Of Art, and The Battle Against Lethargy

(I've posted a new blog entry on my other blog, for those of you who have followed me there. And don't forget to click on the ad at some point - you don't have to buy anything - so I can make a few pennies, and keep on avoiding an honest day's work for as long as possible.)

Well, no news on the acting front, but I did hear back from Sherry Greene (The Weight Watchers "Territory Manager); she's sending the necessary paperwork, and will be assigning me a "mentor" (So apparently, I'm in. Which means I've finally gotten past an online job questionnaire - Yay!).

I kind of regret writing, in my latest "Weight Watchers" entry, that "the only thing worse than getting the job would be not getting it", or words to that effect. Yeah, it's a clever turn-of-phrase, but it's not really where I'm at; Yes, I wish I didn't have to work a straight job, and I'm nervous about taking on a new thing, but I also think there will be a number of pluses to working at WW.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating - what I'm hoping will happen here (My plan for the period of time between "the life I've had up till now" and "fame and fortune") is that I'll have Weight Watchers bringing in money, my blog (or a couple of blogs) bringing in money, and, with any luck, acting bringing in money. And that those "multiple streams of income" will add up to something I can live with...and on.

Cause the ultimate goal is to make my living as an actor, but the more immediate goal is to make my living, whatever living I make, doing things I want to do, things that don't make me feel angry and resentful, things that don't make me feel diminished as a person.

It doesn't seem like much to ask in the great scheme of things.

Trying to think if there's any other exciting news to share...

Not really. Basically, barring a call for an audition, which would be welcome, I've got nothing going on till a workshop on Saturday.

I finished reading The End Of Faith last night, and am turning my sights towards The War Of Art (subtitle: "Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Battles").

But right now, I've got to fight The Battle Against Lethargy, and get myself out the door - with my goal weight almost in sight, I can't afford to slack off now.

See ya later...


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