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10:36 pm - Mon 4.07.2008
Life Is But A Dream

Life Is But A Dream

Sun 4/5/08 (5:14 p.m.)

Another dream:

I donít remember this one as well (As the last one), but hereís what I do remember; I was in a bookstore or a coffee shop - Iím not sure which.

A singer/guitar player I couldnít see had just finished a set of James Taylor songs (At one point, from a distance, I saw the back of his head as he was putting away his stuff), and I thought, ďHey, Iím in LA - that could actually be James Taylor...Ē.

As this was happening, there was an intercom announcement that someone was going to be playing country music in another part of the building, but I wasnít interested in checking it out.

(Oddly, considering all the performing that was going on, I didnít see any people. They were there, mind you; I just seemed to be where they werenít.)

Then the place turned into a combination garage/bike shop. Suddenly, I was wondering around in the dark, calling out for someone ("Is anyone here...?"), and starting to feel panicky, since the place was apparently closed - I wasnít 100% sure it was closed, but it definitely looked that way - and Iíd been left inside.

Thatís when I noticed my bike, which I hadnít had up to that point, had a flat tire, and my panic over the place being closed became panic/frustration over the place being closed, with no one there to help me with my bike. Cause how was I going to get home on a flat tire?

...and then I woke up.

Not sure what all that meant, if it meant anything, but I thought it was interesting that the dream ended with me in a bike shop, with a flat tire, feeling panic/frustration that no one was there to help me (Perhaps the ďflat tireĒ represents how I feel about my life. And how Iím waiting for expert help with my "bike" that isnít coming, when all the while Iím in the middle of a ďbike shopĒ, with all the necessary tools to help myself).

The performing stuff seems like it must have some point, since I'm a performer; In the dream, it seems like it would mean something that I'm neither performer or audience; instead, I'm just wondering around by myself, without much purpose (In a magical place where that bookstore/coffeehouse performer playing James Taylor songs could actually be James Taylor).

(I'm almost always by myself in my dreams. And, like the end of this dream, my dreams often involve my wandering around a space that makes me anxious and afraid, for whatever reason).

In any case, it does seem as if my subconscious is putting in some serious o.t., trying to help me through some stuff.

(Good luck, Brain...!)


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