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11:09 AM - Sun 8.02.20

A Meditation On Aesthetics and Utility

(Watching Talk Heathen - a.k.a. "Atheist Sunday School".)

Yesterday helped Jane move from her Silverlake digs (With a fun, campy gay aesthetic) to a new base-of-operations here in K-town that's more - what to call it? - modern, perhaps?

(Jane referred to it as "austere" and I initially thought "Spartan", though both of those adjectives have pejorative connotations, in my mind.)

While the Silverlake place was fun and funky (And more broadly resembles my place, at least inasmuch as both places are very full of "stuff" - books and art and tchotchkes and what-have-you) I find the new apartment tremendously appealing...and not just because it puts Jane back within walking distance, though there is that.

I don't want this whole entry to be my take on interior design, so I'll just say that the main appeal of Jane's new digs is that, were it my place, it would pretty much tick off every conceivable box, in a way my current place doesn't (And couldn't, I don't think) - With two bedrooms (To my zero bedrooms) and a spacious "living area", I could have people over, entertain a "special guest" (And not have my bed immediately staring them in the face when they walk in the door), have a bedroom and an office space/art studio (There's even a walk-in-closet where I could record voice-overs) and I could leave a wall or two relatively "empty" and comfortably record self-taped auditions and social media videos and what-have-you.

Right now, when I've gone from two jobs to no jobs, it's harder-than-ever to imagine myself being in a position to "trade-up" to a two-bedroom apartment (I'm paying over $1000 a month for my place - and that's cheap for the area -so this place I'm talking about would have to go for at least $3000, and probably more).

I'm chronically fearful of a future where I can't keep up with the yearly rent increases where I'm at, so again, it's hard to see myself paying triple what I'm paying now.

But it's fun to imagine living in a place that meets all my conceivable needs...

(Did I mention this place has a landing? And wooden floors? And a long wooden table big enough to actually host a dinner - probably a pot-luck since I'm still probably not cooking in this imaginary scenario - or function as another workspace?)

So, while this could also be an entry about a "cluttered" or "eclectic" aesthetic versus something more "spare" or "focused", the main appeal of the place seems to be its "utility", which based on every place I've ever lived as a single adult, seems a pretty recent interest of mine.

I do like what's happened with my place in the past..six months or so - While I haven't really done anything with the kitchen or bathroom areas, and have only, very slightly, upped my "cleaning game", I jettisoned a lot of crap and found storage space for a lot of crap I kept, opening up an appreciable amount of real-estate in my "living room/master bedroom (I also liked that I put some art on the walls, some recently purchased, and some which had been sitting around for however-many-years-since-I've-lived-here. Makes me feel like I finally finished "moving in").

And with Jane R's suggestions and assistance, I pulled-the-trigger on a wall-mounted "smart TV" that I very much enjoy...which then opened up the TV table for use as a "workspace" that I also very much enjoy.

She also recently bought me some folders to help toward my goal of "reducing clutter" and "being more organized" (This is a definite "work in progress" - Let's just say I'm "enthused about the possibilities").

Speaking of Jane, heading over to her place shortly to dance around a bit and record some voiceovers, since Seth (Our DP) is once again available.

(I thought we were going to do the interview stuff I've been looking forward to, but for reasons I don't completely understand, I guess we're not - Starting to feel like I've built such a head-of-steam for doing this thing that it's going to be a let-down when it finally happens, but anyway...)

And I could probably write more at this point (ex. Wishing the federal unemployment benefit thing would get resolved - telling myself I'll be able to deal with whatever shakes down, but when it comes right down to it, getting what I'm currently getting would be better than getting less. And while Shameless is still in limbo as to when Season 11 will start shooting, heard some scuttlebutt recently that, when it does happen, Kermit is likely to still be in the mix, so "Yay!" on that front), but I think I've said what needed to be said.

Till next time...




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