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1:23 am - Sun 6.29.2008
The Loneliest Guy In The World

The Loneliest Guy In The World

Life - and more to the point, happiness - is all about perspective.

Example: Looking at June, with just four auditions (My 4th is coming up on Monday, a commercial for Maytag), I could be depressed, deeming that a pitifully small number.

And yes, I pretty much always want more auditions, cause it's a "numbers game", and I want as many auditions as it takes for me to book something.

But since I went from the 25th of April to the 12th of this month with no auditions - as in zero - four auditions in a month isn't looking so bad right now.

On Wednesday, I had an audition for AT&T, a spot for the upcoming Summer Olympics.

It was pretty basic - with two other actors, I had to pretend to watch a basketball game (The camera guy called the imaginary game, and we responded to it) - and I left feeling good about how it had gone (And glad I'd followed Michael Jordan during his last couple seasons with the Bulls, giving me at least some frame-of-reference).

Anyway, they had another day of auditions on Thursday, so I guess it's possible the spot could still be "in play"...but I doubt it.

The thing on Monday is for Maytag, as I said, and all I know at this point is that I'm a "buttoned-up" guy running a polling place.

The Maytag connection reminds me of a couple years ago (Or was it just last year...?), when I found out - too late to do anything about it - that Maytag was holding nationwide auditions for the next "Maytag Repairman".

In all likelihood, I wouldn't have gotten it anyway; after I started seeing the new commercials, I noticed they'd pretty much dropped the "Loneliest Guy In The World" bit (Because their machines were so dependable he never got any calls).

Now our guy was a more proactive, helpful character, who would come over and sand your deck, or fix your copier, or what-have-you, just to have something to do, and because he's just that kind of guy.

And I'm not that kind of guy. Not to look at me, anyway.

I'm more the "Loneliest Guy In The World" type.

Anyway, it's nice to have had some auditions this month.


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