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4:15 pm - Mon 6/11/07
The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend

Since it's been a slow few weeks at ArcLight--because we didn't get Knocked Up, Oceans 13, or Surf's Up--I'm only scheduled for four days this week (So today, which is typically "Thursday" in my world, has now become "Friday", and I have the next three days off).

As you know, I've been feeling a touch anxious about "the well running dry" lately, so I wasn't exactly overjoyed to be losing a day's work. But that's just me being worried about nothing--When all's said and done, it probably amounts to a whopping thirty or forty bucks, and I can handle it at this point--so I'm going to just relax and enjoy my "long weekend" (In the coming weeks, we're getting Fantastic Four and Transformers, so busy days are ahead).


Had an audition today for Wal-Mart.

Unlike most of the commercial things I go in for, this was pretty "straight"--Just random "parents" talking about "the list" (Of back-to-school items they need to buy for their kids, and how they're all at Wal-Mart, and the prices are really low, blah blah blah, etc and so forth).

They made a point of telling us not to "act", which is a direction that always annoys me, if you want to know the truth (Even if I'm supposed to sound like I just got pulled in off the street and put in front of a camera, that's still "acting", folks!).

Anyway, they just called us in two-at-a-time, and had us alternate doing the individual lines, reading right off the cue-card into the camera.

So since I've been reading for some time now, and am pretty good at it, and they're going to need multiple actors-who-don't-sound-like-they're-acting as "parents", I left feeling like I had as good a chance as anyone of booking it.

On the "theatrical" front, I have an audition for a SAG "modified low-budget" film on Friday, for the role of "Chauffeur".

But in more exciting news, I'm "on avail" for National Treasure II!

This was the thing where I went in to be "Tourist In Bathroom" (The character's in a public restroom when he hears a voice from one of the stalls say, "Do you want me to keep going...?", which causes him to exit in a shocked/embarrassed hurry).

They'd cut the bit out, apparently, but now it's back in, and they called Molly, wanting to know if I'm available a week from Wednesday (For the record? I am).

I'd like to book this. It's kinda-sorta funny, it would be my first credit for a major movie, and...well, I just want to get it.


I didn't see the series finale of The Sopranos last night (For years, Jane's sent me tapes of three or four episodes at a time, since I don't have HBO), but I couldn't help myself from reading about it (at the CNN, Entertainment Weekly, and TV Guide websites).

My first response, like many viewers, was to be angry--"All this time, and we get no ending...?"--but the more I read, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought that any more definitive ending would have been a letdown.

The fact is, I didn't really want to see Tony get whacked, or be carted off to prison, or what-have-you (Though I guess some viewers found the ending ambiguous enough that they think Tony did get whacked at the end).

But in any case, I look forward to catching up when I get the tape, and I'll probably have more to say then (Long after the rest of the world has moved on).

And speaking of moving on, if I don't haul ass here, I'm gonna be late for work...


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