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11:14 pm - Mon 1.25.2010
Things Are Looking Up

Things Are Looking Up

On Friday, my Facebook status was "Note To The Universe: I could use an infusion of cash at this time".

On Saturday, I got a check.

Pretty good service from "The Universe", if you ask me.

(The check was smaller than I'd hoped, but can't blame "The Universe" for that - It's my fault for being vague; I didn't specify that I needed "a large infusion of cash". But anyway...)

The check in question was a "holding fee" for the Kayak spot (Which I finally saw for the first time yesterday after finding it on YouTube).

The good news? The "holding fee" will help keep me afloat.

The better news? The real money is still coming; I won't bore you with the ins-and-outs of commercial contracts (Cause I don't really understand them myself, to be honest), but long story short, I still haven't received the money I'm going to get specifically for the running of the commercial...and that will be closer to the "infusion of cash" I had in mind when I hit "The Universe" up for a quick loan on Friday.

Communicated with JS earlier today about this stuff - Just to get some clarification (On the "holding fee" and such) - and felt a great deal of relief afterward.

There's no guarantee how much I'll make from the two spots I currently have running, but I have a sense now that it'll be enough to keep me going for awhile.

If it ends up being something more than that, that's great. But right now, after the anxious thoughts I've wrestled with since before the new year began, just feeling like I'll be able to keep going the way I am, doing what I'm doing, is a huge load off my mind.

One of the worst mental states I get in these days is when I worry that I'm about to lose what little ground I've gained here in LA.

And that's been my #1 worry for some time now - I've been looking at listings for "rooms to rent" on Craigslist, thinking I needed to quit Weight Watchers to try and find a better-paying job, looking around my apartment for what I might be able to sell if I needed to - so it means the world to me to be able to stop, for a time at least, worrying about losing what little I have (An apartment I like, a job I like, stuff I like having around me), and go back to imagining my life getting better.

(And now I'm going to imagine going to bed and getting a good night's sleep...)


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