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2:56 pm - Fri 8.15.2008
A Bit Of Low-Key Fun

A Bit Of Low-Key Fun
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Karaoke was fun last night, after I got past my low-level "social-performance anxiety" (I often feel an intial awkwardness in group settings), and a bit of karaoke-related disappointment (due to technical considerations, I wasn't able to do one of my best songs, "Keep Your Hands To Yourself". Which also happened to be the one song I play harmonica on).

No calls this week from JS or Vicki, which probably means neither the "Wizards" thing or the NFL commercial are happening.

The "Wizards" thing is disappointing because it would have been fun to do; the NFL thing is disappointing because it would have been fun to make wheelbarrows full of money with a big national commercial.

Jon gave me a ride home last night (I'd walked there), and he said the business has never been this slow.

All I know is that I either need it to pick up, and soon, or else I need to get better at booking the handful of auditions that are coming my way.

Cause by-and-large, I really like my life right now. It's nothing big or fancy - in fact, it's pretty low-key, really - but more often than not, I'm enjoying myself.

But as "low-key" a life as it is, I still need funds to keep the low-key fun going.

But speaking of "low-key fun", I'm off to Los Feliz, for a 4:30 matinee of Vicky Christina Barcelona.


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