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2:05 pm - Fri 4/22/05
A Little High Quality Mainstream Entertainment

A Little High Quality Mainstream Entertainment

Well, I got the call on Tuesday--I didn't get "Under Milkwood".

Disappointing, to be sure (I always like to win), but not the end of the world. Even at the audition, when I was given the second thing to read, I found myself thinking "This is kind of...boring".

I've never really been interested in creating "art" (And I'm not much of a "poetry guy", which makes me wonder why I thought auditioning for a Dylan Thomas thing was a good idea). I'm much more interested in doing things people actually want to see. I'm more of a "high-quality mainstream entertainment guy".

Still, I've been a little bummed ever since I got the news, I guess because it's a reminder that, while I can decide "it's time for me to start acting again", nothing actually happens till someone else decides it's time for me to start acting again.

(Nice news--Just got a message from JS to say my 1-800-The-Law-2 check has come in! We have to pick them up at the office now, cause apparently there've been a couple incidents where actors have had checks stolen from their mailboxes.)

Feeling a similar frustration about commercials...this is supposed to be my "breakout year", the year I book enough stuff that I get my very own "Get Out Of Retail Jail Free" card. But four months have gone by and all I have to show for it is one very bad, very low-paying gig.


There's two-thirds of the year left, and my fortunes could turn at any time (Though for my purposes, it would have been better to get my big nationals early in the year).

And while I didn't book "Under Milkwood", I have an audition for a "funner" gig coming up on Sunday (The Uptempo Productions season of The Music Man, To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday, and Beyond Therapy).

(Though with my ability to snatch upset and anxiety from every situation, I've been worrying that I'm going to go in to work today and see that I'm on the schedule for Sunday, even though I requested the time off, at least five days in advance of the schedule going up. But doesn't matter--Scheduled or not, I'm going to this thing.)

Shit...It's time to go to work, and I didn't even get to my visit with Cary and Kay yesterday.

But next time...


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