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4:09 pm - Monday, Dec. 12, 2005
A Mildly Interesting Diaryland

A Mildly-Interesting Diaryland

Don't have too much time, but wanted to get in at least a small entry...

In the news, I've been casually following the fate of "Tookie" Williams, the former Crips gang leader who is set to be executed (I believe later this week).

In his time in prison, he's become an effective advocate against gangs, and for that reason, some people (Celebs, people in the African-American community, etc.) have been lobbying to have his sentence commuted to life in prison.

But a motion to the California Supreme Court--I think for a new trial--was denied, and Gov. Schwarzenegger has rejected a plea for clemency, so it looks like the execution will go forward as scheduled.

Till recently, I was just "academically" interested in the case. But then I read where some government officials were asking people not to riot here in L.A. if/when Williams is executed.

And suddenly my interest was a lot less "academic", if you know what I'm saying.


Interesting thing happened on Thursday, as I was on my way to a casting workshop.

As I was waiting on the North Hollywood subway, the Wilshire/Western subway pulled up, and when it pulled away, I saw the electronic sign on the last car said "call police".

So I called the police. Or to be more accurate, I tried to call the police; living in the big city now, I'd had occasion to call 911 maybe half-a-dozen times, and I've gotten put "on hold" (via voicemail) every single time.

It's a little disconcerting.

I kept trying to get through until my subway pulled up, then my cell phone signal dropped out when I got on the train.

When I got to Studio City, where the Actor's Co-op is located, I tried again and again, and eventually, I got an actual 911 operator, and was able to tell someone what I'd seen.

Over a half-hour had passed.

I hope things worked out...


Slowly but surely, I'm gearing up to ask Teresa V. out (Teresa is a fellow actor at the Actors Co-op).

The points against me are that she's quite attractive--"Out of my league" really--and she actually showed up at the ArcLight with a date recently, so she knows I don't have much of a job or make much money (And of course, the guy she was with could have been her boyfriend).

The points in my favor are that we seem to get along famously, have great respect for each other's abilities, she's age-appropriate (I'm guessing late-30s, early-40s), and she already knows my deal financially.

But more on this and other mildly interesting topics later...


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