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12:33 am - Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004
Another Day, Another Milestone

Another Day, Another Milestone

Thurs 11/3/04 (11:17 p.m.)

Well, earlier today I got the call–I booked Jack-In-The-Box, my first union commercial!

I have a fitting on Tuesday, and the commercial shoots on Thursday (One of my days off).

If you remember my last entry, I'd told myself I could be "giddy" once I actually booked the gig, so when I got the call, I did indeed let rip with the "giddiness"; I did a one-man conga line around my apartment, laughing and capering about, then called Mark and Jane, leaving a message on their machine with the good news.

Talked to JS briefly. He told me he'd be sending my Taft Hartley stuff to SAG, and to make sure to check with them five or six weeks after the shoot, so I know my "SAG eligible" status is in order (Basically, you get to do one union commercial without joining the union; with your second union gig, you then have to join, which is currently about $1300).

JS also emailed me some instructions for the day of the shoot (Basically, it boiled down to remembering to have them send the checks to him–and how fun is that, that there's going to be more than one?--and to get a copy of my contract and the call sheet, to take to SAG when the time comes).

I don't know how big this in in a practical sense–Beyond the SAG minimum for the day, I don't know how much money I'll end up making from this (I think it's a "national", but I don't think it's a "network national", which is the brass ring of commercial bookings)–but emotionally, this is really big. I'm thrilled that I wanted this, and less than a year later, it has come to pass.

This is one of those times where it's definitely "cool to be me".


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