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2:05 pm - Tues 7/20/04
The Money Shot

The Money Shot

Mon 7/19/04 (1:20 p.m.)

Two or three things about commercial auditions, then I'll move on...

I forgot to mention, as I left the AllTel callback, that the actor I had my initial audition with–A tall, red-haired guy--was in the waiting room.

So apparently, we were both good enough to get callbacks, but no one figured that might have been because we worked well together. In any case, I know I would rather have read with him again than with Mr. "I can't bring myself to look at my scene partner" Asian Guy (Let it go, Jim. Just let it go...).

At the Smirnoff audition, they posted the date for callbacks (The 2nd of next month), along with the shoot dates (One day, possibly more, from the 7th–10th). I really like when they do that. It strikes me as "the decent thing to do"; it's tough to be in the position of perpetually waiting for a call that, most of the time, isn't going to happen. So I appreciate knowing there's a point at which I can stop hoping for it/worrying about it (I haven't thought about it before, but I wonder if posting callback/shoot dates is a requirement at SAG auditions...?).

I'm not sure I'll get a callback for this one (I'd file my chances under "definitely possible"). But in any case, it's nice to have something "out there"; for the next couple weeks, I can say, "Well, something could happen with the Smirnoff thing..." (I like to have enough auditions "out there" so that something could come through at any given time).

(And it's SAG too, which was part of the appeal of the AllTel spot).

Tues 7/20/04 (8:48 p.m.)

Doing a load of laundry, for another audition today...

This one is a print ad for Citibank. They're looking for a "working guy"–I think the breakdown specified a guy who works in a factory or a lumber yard–so I'm doing boots, jeans, denim shirt, and one of my new white t-shirts from Land's End.

I don't get a lot of print ad auditions–I could probably count them on one hand at this point–and as I think I said recently, I tend to be pessimistic about my chances when an "audition" consists of me getting my picture taken.

But be that as it may, I'm pretty enthused about this one. I'm hoping it's part of the "Identity Theft" campaign, because I think those are very inventive spots (The TV spots are where the person onscreen is speaking with the voice of the person who stole their identity. The print ads I've seen are similarly effective).

And this was unusual–In his message, JS told me how much the spot would pay ($2000)..

Two thousand get my picture taken.

(Of course, after taxes and JS's cut, it's be closer to $1500, but still, that's not a bad day's work...!)

And that's the attitude I need to "stay with"..

But more later. Gotta dash...

(12:17 p.m.)

Just got back from Eastside Casting, for the Citibank print ad audition (I'd never been to this particular casting agency, which is kind of in my "neighborhood"–On Hollywood, a block east of Vermont–not far from where I often go to the movies).

I got there a few minutes early, then it was a pretty quick in-and-out.

They were looking for a resigned, "Screwed again..." look. So they took a couple digital pictures (Smiling-with-an-open-mouth, smiling-with-a-closed-mouth, the "money shot" of defeated resignation, and then a full-body shot), giving me a little bit of direction, and then I was done.

(Is it old-fashioned of me to be weirded-out about "money shot" becoming a commonly used phrase?)


Well, this is going to have the feel of a half-done entry to me--too many stops-and-starts without a "closing", but I wanted to put something in here before too much more time went by...

So now I have two auditions "out there". Hopefully, I'll have at least another audition or two before the end of the month, and I can extend that "having some auditions 'out there'" feeling for another couple weeks.

Who knows? Maybe even get a gig from one of them.

The other day I said that obsessing over the past is, in part, a way of not having to deal with the present?

Well, something like that struck me about the commercial stuff--It's much easier for me to "obsess" over commercials and auditions than to think about the other parts of my life that could also use my attention.

Something to think about...

I feel the need to write a real entry, but regrettably, now is not the time.


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