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Weds 10:00 AM - 11.22.23

My Greatest Role? Playing "Myself"
(Starting this with no clear idea what I want to write, so this should be interesting..)

On voting for or against the new SAG-AFTRA contract...

Since I last wrote, I've listened to a Zoom presentation from the SAG-AFTRA leadership.

So between that, the Solidarity thing, and the interview with "Negotiator Guy" (Sean somebody...?) on "Majority Report with Sam Seder", I feel like, short of reading the entire contract word-for-word (Which I couldn't do if I wanted to because it isn't out yet), I know enough to make an informed decision.

And I'm leaning toward a not-completely happy "Yes" vote.

(And since I know this is not a terribly interesting subject, I'll leave it at that.)


I'm continuing to see movies at a fairly rapid clip, trying to play catch-up so - as with the contract stuff - I can make an informed decision when it comes time to vote (All the screening invitations, digital screeners, and DVDs are because, as a SAG-AFTRA member, I'll be voting in the SAG Awards. And the SAG Awards, while being their own thing, also figure in when trying to handicap who's going to end up with an Oscar, so it's fun to feel at least a tangential connection to the Academy Awards).

Since I last wrote, I've seen a screening of May/December, and watched digital screeners of Nyad and The Persian version (I don't really know how to write reviews, so I'll just say that, while they were all enjoyable and well done, in terms of the effect they had on me, Nyad was the winner, followed by May/December, then The Persian Version. But that could very well say more about me than the films in question - Nyad registered with me personally in a way the others did not, which you might understand if/when you see it).

I thought this was funny - When I saw May/December, after having seen Maestro the day before, I drove home thinking, "How fun! Over the weekend, I saw these two movies back-to-back, and they were both really good!" (As if saying to myself, "What are the odds of such a thing?").

But then it struck me - "Jim, they're sending you films for awards consideration, not Grown-ups VI or the Trolls sequel...! You're likely to see a lot of good films before the year's out!".

(And as I'm writing this, just responded to a screening invite for Fair Play on Monday, and got a notice that Shayda is now available as a digital screener.)


GenSpace (The "community center" where I go three days a week) is going through a month of renovations starting...a week from Monday, I believe?

So they're temporarily moving operations to the nearby Jewish temple. And since they won't be set up for doing the normal classes, they'll be reducing their hours (From four days a week to three), and doing a lot of film screenings (Of films from Paramount - Apparently there's some kind of "relationship") and field trips (To local museums and the like).

I don't know if all this is going to be of as much interest to me as the normal classes (Or just hanging out in the space, drawing), but I imagine I'll avail myself of at least some of the temporary programming - After all, the point of going there in the first place is the social contact, and that will continue to be available.

And they don't have to do anything - they could have just "went dark" for a month - so I appreciate the effort they're making here.


With the Loot shoot (tentatively) happening in a week, I'm a little surprised I haven't heard anything from Production yet.

It doesn't really matter though - All I really need to know at this point is that they're doing it and I'm involved.

(They can't delay it too long, though, because then the vote on the SAG-AFTRA contract would happen, and they'd have to pay me more cheese...or would they? Since I booked this before the strike, would the terms of the old contract be "grandfather-ed" in? I don't know how this sort of shit works...)


Got another Cameo recently, which I executed yesterday morning.

When I first started doing Cameos, I mixed it up, playing "Kermit" in some and doing them as myself in others. Then over time, I started doing all the Cameos that came in as "Kermit" - sometimes that's specifically requested, but not always - but this time out I went "old school" and did this latest one as myself (With a "special appearance" by The Man In Green).

While I say I did it "as myself", "Myself" feels like almost as much of a character as "Kermit" in this context - Acting like I'm a self-deprecating star, assuming a familiarity with this person I don't know... it's fun.

Certainly the most "acting" I do these days.

And on that bittersweet note, this seems a good time to close (I'm feeling the need for a soda, and I have to go down to my car to get them).

Till next time...



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