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4:17 pm - Tues 10/23/07
The New Jim H.

The New Jim H--An Ongoing Project

Well, the new Weight Watchers/24 Hour Fitness routine has been going well; I had my second session with a trainer today (At 24 Hour), and I'm on Day 4 of the WW "Flex Plan", writing down what I eat, staying under my 40 point daily allowance, and working to get in my five glasses of water and five servings of fruits and veggies (So far, I haven't quite made it on that last front, tending to do four glasses of water and three or four fruits and veggies).

You're also supposed to do a couple glasses of milk and two "oils" a day. And that part isn't going so well. But anyway...

Initially thought I was going to do the "Core Plan"--where you can eat as much as you want of certain set foods--but quickly realized I was way too lazy/set in my ways for that big a change; for me, the "Flex Plan" is the way to go).


Called Kay a short time ago, to check and see if they're okay, what with a large chunk of California going up in flames and all.

Happily, beyond going a little stir-crazy, she's doing all right (Cary's on a business trip in Seattle till Friday). They've been pretty much confined to the house-her and Donovan-and since school's been cancelled, it's just been the two of them, 24-7.

Anyway, I'm glad they're okay.


My own potential disaster isn't quite as dramatic or life-threatening as a raging wildfire, but nevertheless, has the potential to be fairly serious; A strike by the Writers Guild is looming, and seeming like an all-but-done deal at this point.

Between that, and SAG contract negotiations next year...well, let's just say that I'd really like everyone to work things out, so I can report on all the gigs I'm booking next year, instead of sitting on my hands as I watch my savings drain away.


One of the many reasons I hope all this contract stuff is settled (To my benefit) without the necessity of a strike, is that I'm going to experiment with going down to four days a week at ArcLight.

I'm going to work Thursday-Sunday, and have Monday-Wednesday off, so I can do the M'Dears jam on Monday nights, that stand-up comedy thing I mentioned previously, and of course, to continue doing the casting workshops.

Beyond that, frankly, I just want to be at ArcLight less.

It feels like a momentous decision--if nothing else, it begins me trying to exit the world of crappy "straight" jobs--but it's really not that big a deal; If things get hairy, and I need that extra couple dollars a week, I simply change my schedule back the way it was.

But speaking of ArcLight, I'm running late, so I gotta jet...


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