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9:56 PM - Thurs 7.20.23

News That Shouldn't Be News

Was extremely annoyed when, earlier this afternoon, I accidentally deleted an entry I was just about finished writing...

After two days.

But I'm happy to report that, while I was sorely tempted to beat myself about the head and shoulders over this unfortunate episode (It's kind of a "thing" I do sometimes), I did not - I contented myself with just choking down my rage and going about my day.

(I did text Jane, to say that I was having "the urge" but wasn't going to do anything about it. She wasn't there - She was taking a nap - but the text served its purpose nevertheless.)

Anyway, now the goal is to write such a slam-bang entry I'll actually be glad I had to do it over.

(So here we go...)

Aside from the Chromebook eating my journal entry, today has been a low-key pleasant day - I went to my "Latin Dance" class at GenSpace, did a little drawing afterward, and even sat in for the end of a Karaoke sing-along (The person who was leading it came up to me afterward and said, "You were a theater kid, weren't you? I was a theater kid myself, and I can always tell").

And I was happy I avoided a temptation I've fallen into since starting at GenSpace, which is popping into a gas station near my apartment on the way home, and buying some foodstuffs that maybe aren't the best choices (Not if I want to lose weight and not be a Type 2 diabetic. But more on that in a bit).

So I've been hanging out at home, not doing much of anything, but feeling pretty virtuous because I got some exercise and didn't eat any stupid shit.

I'd dozed off at some point, because the phone woke me up, and it was a call from my buddy, Mike McGill.

He's in town briefly - He moved to Vegas...was it actually last year...? - and wanted to know if I'd like to join him on the picket line at Warners tomorrow.

I was very pleased to get his call, because Josh is out of town for the week and I wasn't looking forward to having to picket by myself (I don't like being alone in a crowd).

And I was further pleased to find a clean SAG-AFTRA T-shirt - It's from when we were picketing in solidarity with the WGA, before we went on strike ourselves, but it'll get the job done - so I don't have to do another load of laundry this week (And maybe I can snag another "SAG-AFTRA STRONG" shirt tomorrow- Because this doesn't seem like a one T-shirt kind-of-strike).

Speaking of the strike, Josh recently brought to my attention that I misinformed you in my last entry - While it was 1980 when the last SAG strike happened (Back when SAG and AFTRA were still two separate unions), it was actually 1960 the last time the Writers and Actors unions struck at the same time.

So this is pretty friggin' historic.

But while I like being part of something that means something - and have really enjoyed having the pretext to hang out with Josh more than ever before - this is also pretty stressful stuff.

There's no telling how long this strike will go on, but no one's predicting a quick end.

And who knows, when the dust settles, what happens next?

It would be lovely to imagine the unions getting everything they're asking for, but that seems unlikely...but will they have gotten enough to have made all this worthwhile? Enough so there's at least a fighting chance, as an actor or writer in Hollywood, of earning an actual living plying your trade?

(And of course, the biggest question of all - What happens to Yours Truly?)

It seems like there's a lot riding on this - Not just for me, or for actors and writers, but for labor in general.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, to say the very least.


In some "news that shouldn't be news", I'm just now realizing that I'm diabetic.

For years, I was on the "pre-diabetic" cusp of Type 2...until I wasn't. At some point, I tip-toed across the line. And my most recent bloodwork indicates that I haven't tip-toed back.

My Dr at the time put me on Metformin. And where the confusion set in was that no one explained what was happening - Was the drug supposed to get me back to "pre-diabetic" or merely to keep my new diabetes down to a dull roar?

So, in effect, I recently had something of a panic attack over a diagnosis that's at least a couple years old - I feel really stupid saying that, but "It is what it is".

This is why when I see my new Endocrinologist at the end of next month, I'm going to ask about going on Ozempic, or whatever Ozempic-like drug is indicated - I was loathe to do it previously, but since I can't seem to get myself under control all on my own, I've decided to get some help (There's a group of drugs for diabetes that, as a side-effect, can cause weight loss - If I understood my Psychiatrist last time we spoke, some don't just cause weight loss, but blunt the appetite. And my appetite could use some blunting).

Well, it's gotten late, and while I could write about Jane's arrival next week, or the coming film festival in Albuquerque, I think I'll save it for next time, and get myself to bed - I've got some picketing to do tomorrow.

Till next time...



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