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8:45 P.M. - Mon 5.01.23

Jim Goes To "Night Court"

Well, Night Court has come and gone...

All in all, it was quite a positive experience...but since I'm me, I have to get a few "negatives" out of the way first.

Really, any dissatisfaction I experienced came from not having very much to do. Sometimes I felt like I was just hanging around the set, watching other people work.

(It just struck me: This is the only work situation where you'll ever hear me complain about not having enough to do.)

And having so little to do, I didn't walk away feeling like I'd really "worked with" John Larroquette, who was fun to watch but would have been more fun to do a real scene with (Frankly, were I to go back on the show sometime, I don't think he'd even remember me, since all we had in the episode was one, very brief exchange).

But I got to work for three days, where it would have been just one day on a single-camera show, which was cool.

And everyone was quite nice - Considering that I just said I didn't have much to do, a number of people complimented me on how "funny" I was (Including a couple of the writers, which seemed like particularly high praise). And it was fun that some people knew me from Shameless.

And I did have a little to do on Friday, when we taped, so that was fun - It's been quite some time since I've done anything in front of a live audience, so that was a fun energy to experience again (Most of the stuff I was in had been pre-recorded, but the little bit I did with JL was live).

And if you know me, you know I'm quite fond of free food (I particularly enjoyed when they gave us vouchers for the cafeteria on Friday. And after the taping, there was pizza!).

It felt good being back on the Warner lot again - I was housed in one of the dressing rooms formerly used by Shameless - and more than once I thought, "It would be nice to have this be a regular thing again...".


I often feel a letdown after a gig, as I return to "real life", where I don't get paid to hang out on a set and have people tell me I'm funny as I eat free food.

But happily, while I was working on Night Court, my agent messaged me to let me know I'd booked something he'd submitted me for on Loot, a show on Apple TV starring Maya Rudolph.

It's a weird-sounding, non-speaking role, and they hired me just off my picture, so I don't imagine there's much acting involved here. But it's a payday and a chance to meet Maya Rudolph, so I'll take it.

(While I've been writing this, I took a break and discovered that the Writers Guild, which has been threatening a strike, is now definitely on strike, as of midnight. And I am both not happy to hear that and very pro-writers. I just hope it gets worked out sooner rather than later. In any case, I'm assuming the Loot gig can still happen - Nothing in their communications with my agent has suggested that the gig wouldn't be a gig if the writers were on strike, so I'm assuming the episode in question has already been written. But anyway, here's hoping for a quick, happy resolution to the situation...)


I'm continuing to go to the GenSpace place, which is maybe a 20-minute walk from my apartment.

As of now, I go on Mondays and Tuesdays, for their drawing and "creating with clay" classes.

Of the two "classes", the drawing class feels more like an actual "class", while "creating with clay" continues to feel like "Art Therapy" period at the home. But they both get me out of the house and doing things among other people, so it's all good).


I don't know if I've mentioned it in here or not, but Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong has been accepted at the Vero Beach Film Festival, in Florida.

As of this writing, we're in the "figuring out the details" part of the Vero Beach excursion, but we are both planning to go - It's both a good film festival (According to Jane's "producing partner" Kimberly) and provides a chance to see my "honorary brother" Gregg, who now lives in Florida full-time (And is in the film).

I was supposed to go to Santa Fe this weekend, to help Jane get out the perks from the IndieGoGo campaign she did for me, but then Loot happened (It's scheduled to shoot on Friday, though they're reserving the right to schedule it any time from the 5th through, like, the 17th - I think it would be kind of cool if it shot on my birthday on the 15th, but that doesn't seem likely).

So there's shit going on...

And it doesn't take too much "shit going on" before I start to feel a little anxious (Biggest anxiety? Going out of town causing me to miss out on work. But who knows? Maybe the Writer's strike makes it so I can do the film festivals and such, knowing there isn't going to be any work to worry about...though that doesn't exactly sound ideal either...).

But I just have to tell myself, "I can deal with whatever happens", till I start to believe it.

(Till next time...)



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