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12:16 am - Thurs 11/11/04
The Night Before The Big Day

The Night Before The Big Day

Weds 11/10/04 (10:08 p.m.)

Had my fitting for the shoot yesterday afternoon.

It was back at Radical Media, where I went for the callback, and it was very hassle-free; I was in-and-out in about a half-hour (And on my growing list of "Things I Love About My New Union", you get paid for wardrobe fittings when you're SAG).

When I got called about the fitting, I found out I'm not the "minister" in the spot after all (And I think the "minister" is actually a "priest"). I'm going to be the "Father".

(I briefly tried to decide whether that was a change in status, but since all the "intervention people" just have the one line"Hi Gary"--I think it's basically "a lateral move".)

My call time is 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. I don't know where the actual shoot is, but crew parking is at a church on Wilshire and Plymouth, close enough to walk to, if I want (I was pretty happy about that, because I've often passed shoots on 4th street while on my way to work, and fantasized about having a gig that close to my apartment).

As you might imagine, I've been thinking about this gig a lot since I booked it.

And a lot of that "thinking" has been my attempt to "predict and control" the future, not so much in regards to the experience itselfI fully expect tomorrow to be a very enjoyable day (Why would it not be?)but in terms of speculating on what comes afterwards.

(How much money am I going to make from this? Will it lead to anything else? Is this the beginning of a full-on career, or just a "blip on the radar screen"? Etc. and so on.)

And the way it's "shaken down" in my mind makes a world of good sense: The only money I can count on making from the experience is SAG scale for the day, and the only thing I can reasonably expect from the experience is to have a good day tomorrow, shooting a commercial, and enjoying me some craft services.

Anything that happens over-and-above that is "icing on the cake".

Well, it's hours earlier than I typically go to bed, but I should try to get some sleep...

I'll try to do some "reporting" from the set tomorrow. See you then...


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