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7:09 pm - 12.04.2010
Taking My Nose For A Ride

Taking My Nose For A Ride

(Started this entry last night, but couldn't post before now, because my Internet was down most of the day.)

A number of things to write about...

On the "recovery" front - throat's still sore, but has calmed down enough I was able to risk eating something chewy in public earlier today (A turkey bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sammich). Swallowing is still not a laugh-riot, and I'm still "chewing my cud" quite a bit - though I was able to be pretty subtle about it at Starbucks - but I'm definitely further along than earlier in the week.

That being the case, my focus is starting to shift, from my poor traumatized throat to my new-and-improved nose.

I took it out for a test-ride last night, as I rode my bike from my apartment in K-town to my WW meeting in West LA (Six or seven miles away).

I'm happy to say I was able to ride almost all the way with my mouth closed (Only resorting to mouth-breathing when negotiating the biggest hill along the journey).

It was the most definitive sign so far that things are not as they used to be...and I suspect my nose is not yet operating at 100% capacity.

On the sleeping front - Because my throat still hurts, and my nose is still on its healing journey, it seems premature to expect any sleep apnea relief at this juncture, and there hasn't really been any. At this point, we're still in "It's gonna get worse before it gets better" territory.

But let's say I am "cautiously optimistic".


Had two commercial auditions this past week - One for Snickers on Tuesday, and one for Budweiser on Wednesday - and got the word today I have a callback for Bud on Monday.

(That doesn't necessarily mean Snickers didn't happen...but it probably didn't.)

I would very much like to book a commercial in the waning days of 2010; I could certainly use the money, and I'm also hot to break my "booking record" (Which is currently tied with 2007 at six jobs for the year).

But I was thinking earlier that I don't want my desire to "sneak one in" before the year's out leading me to basically "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"; this has really and truly been a banner year - I've booked twice as many tv jobs as in any other year - and it will still have been a banner year even if I don't book a commercial job.

(But that said...I really want to book this commercial job!)

Sat 9:00 am

After months of secrecy, WW finally rolled out its new "PointsPlus" program this week, the first major change to Weight Watchers program in 13 years.

Since I was none-too-thrilled initially when the program was presented to employees some months back, I was dreading this week, assuming out clientele would be just as resistant to change as I am...if not more so.

But while there has been some grumbling and unhappiness, it really hasn't been anything like I'd imagined (I thought I was going to be talking people off metaphorical ledges/defending Weight Watchers against the angry mob).

I'll probably write more about the new program itself at some point, but the downside for regular members - and the upside for me (that I hadn't given much thought to while I was busy dreading this past week) - is that a new program means new materials ("PointPlus Values" are calculated differently than the previous "Points", so old scales, "companion" books, cookbooks, points calculators, etc., are now obsolete).

And new materials means sales.

And sales means more money in my pocket (Since employees get a small commission).

So "three cheers for the new PointsPlus Program"...!


Got a summons for jury duty earlier this week.

I know I'm in a big club - said club being "people who find jury duty a major imposition" - but all I could see when I opened the notice was (at least) a week of lost money (At WW) and lost potential money with acting (From having to "book out" on auditions).

(This is the third time I've been summoned, and so far, I've had to serve one time, and didn't serve the other time.)

When I served on a jury (On a civil case - a landlord/tenant dispute), I was actually happy to have the experience - "Now I know what it's like to serve on a jury" - but at this point, it's just a pain-in-the-ass.


My Internet seems to be down...which I guess is fine (for now), because I have to start getting ready for work anyway.

(If it's still down when I get back, maybe I'll try writing "offline", which I haven't done in quite awhile.)


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