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10:06 pm - Tues 1.31.2012
(Not) Going My Way

(Not) Going My Way

Bowling is a pain-in-the-ass...literally.

After bowling Sunday - I played four or five games - I'm still hurting tonight (primary areas of discomfort being my right groin muscle, and my upper left butt-cheek, just above my hip).

(Don't worry - While it was touch-and-go for a time, I think I'll survive.)

Had my sixth-and-final audition for January earlier today.

It was for a web-series (A show just for the Internet - specifically on, for the small role of a 17th-century "Doctor" who's apparently none-too-fond of witches.

It was at Wendy O'Brien Casting, who've brought me in a number of times (particularly for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia...which I have still not booked, much to my consternation).

It'd been awhile since I was last there, and the very cool camera guy (Whose name I should know - I need to get better about that) greeted me like it was "old home week" - very friendly - which I took as pretext to tell him about my two "recurrings", not so much to try and sway the outcome of this audition, but to just get the word out that I'm "moving up the food chain".

The audition was nice - very mellow (which is saying something, because I went in pretty uncertain about my interpretation of the role) - and I was particularly pleased when he gave me the chance to read for another role as well (They've done that before when I've come in - had me read for an additional role - and my take on that is always positive. Makes me feel like they're really eager to cast me in something).

So anyway, there was that (I hope to get a call tomorrow - If not, I'll assume it "didn't go my way").

Weds 2/1/12 (7:10 pm)

...and it didn't go my way.

I'm not terribly depressed about it, though; as I've said before, I always want to book everything I go in for...but some things I want to book more than others (This would have been worth doing because the people involved also do Sons of Anarchy, and the roles I read for were not my typical "sad sack" typecasting...and of course, it's always good to get paid. But it didn't really "turn me on").

And a short time ago, I received notice about an audition for Modern Family tomorrow afternoon.

It's a nothing bit, just one line, so small they didn't even bother to put out a breakdown - They just sent notices out to actors they know.

But I'm an "actor they know". And that's a good thing.

And it's Modern Family, which will look good on my resume.

And they still have to pay you, even for "nothing parts".

11:30 pm

I recently told Jane about my concern that my journal writing has become "small" - I might have said "constricted" - and she posited that it might be because I'm increasingly aware, as a professional actor, of "protecting my image" (Not sure of her exact words, but that was the idea).

I want to write more about that, and some other things I've been thinking about lately, but I'm tired, and it's late, and the kind of stuff I'm talking about merits its own entry, and not to be tacked on to this entry as an afterthought.

So I'm going to bed...


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