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10:42 am - Mon 11.15.2010
I'm NOT In The Band

I'm NOT In The Band

Received my check for Pretty Little Liars on Saturday, and got a big surprise - they'd paid me double my contract.

I've gotta believe that's a mistake - It would be flattering to think they enjoyed my work so much they decided to throw an extra thousand my way "just because"...but that seems really unlikely - so I called Brett and he's going to give the casting office a call.


I'm scheduled to have my surgery on Friday.

Went in for my second physical of the year this past Friday, a surgical prerequisite (Basically the same crap I did before - minus the stool sample, ironically enough - but with the addition of chest x-rays).

Dr W. rained on my parade a bit when I asked his opinion on whether, if I opted to have the "soft palate reduction" (Which isn't covered by my insurance), I should do it this Friday, or wait and see if the septoplasty and "tongue reduction" would do the trick.

He said "the fewer times you have to go under anesthesia, the better", but followed that up by telling me Dr A. was one of the few Drs in LA still doing somnoplasty (The procedure involved in the soft palate and tongue "reduction").

When I asked why, he said it didn't have a very good "surgical efficacy rate" for sleep apnea (It's about 50/50), and often requires multiple procedures to work (That last part I knew).

So - for now, anyway - I'm going to just go with what insurance will cover, and hope that'll do the trick (I thought about canceling the "tongue reduction" part of Friday's festivities, but decided if there's a chance it'll help - and my insurance company apparently thinks it will - it's worth it).

I certainly hope what I'm doing will cure my sleep apnea - that's kind of the point, after all - but if not, or if it's only a partial fix, I still have to believe being able to breathe through my nose is a worthwhile thing all by itself (And it would be great if it cleared up my chronic congestion and/or improved my voice).


From the "high" of thinking I'd gotten my first "recurring gig" - on I'm In The Band - I'm now experiencing the "low" of wondering how I managed to lose a role that should have been in the bag.

I'm getting a little "ahead of myself" here - I could still get a call today (Or even tomorrow) - but the more time passes, the more I feel this one slipping into the "What Might Have Been" pile.

But if that's the case, it's not the end of the world - It frees me up to take care of my surgery business (Which is potentially a much bigger deal in the long run than a 2nd appearance on I'm In The Band).

And as I've already said, if given my choice of shows to recur on, this show would be down the list, behind Mad Men, Parks and Rec, and Castle (Also Shameless or Mr Sunshine, if they end up being hits).

(I'm fine with I'm In The Band, don't get me wrong. I think they do a good job doing what they do. And I'd be happy to go back - But as an actor, I'm just more interested in "adult fare".)

I asked Brett - during out conversation about the Pretty Little Liars check - to call the I'm In The Band folks tomorrow, if we haven't heard from them by the end of the day today.

Cause while I'm strongly leaning towards, "I didn't get it", this time out, I actually need to know.


In mental health news, Bette - My therapist for the past however-long now, is leaving the clinic.

She volunteers at the clinic, and needed to get a real job...and now she has one, working with "high-risk teens".

She told me about it Saturday, saying she needs to be available for "emergencies" at the drop of a hat, and that it wouldn't be "good client practice" to try and keep seeing clinic patients, in terms of being able to keep appointments and such.

So, bye bye Bette...

I'm not happy about this development, but it is what it is (And I knew this day was coming eventually, anyway. I just didn't know "eventually" had actually arrived).

(5:26 pm)

Back from the Yoplait audition (Forgot just how miserable it is walking any distance at all in my dress shoes - Decided to take the Metro, so walked from my apartment to the Metro Station, then from the Studio City station to Zydeco Casting on Ventura, and back again - OUCH!)

Audition seemed to go well - the camera guy told me callbacks would be tomorrow (He didn't tell me I HAD a callback, but it seemed positive that he made a point of telling me when they were happening) - and I found out the spot is shooting in Buenos Aires.

This would be a huge "get"...especially since I found out that I did not get I'm In The Band.

I wanted to book it, for all the usual reasons - along with wanting to "break my record" and "have my first recurring credit" - but it's really not the end of the world (And the CD told Haley they really like me, and will definitely be having me back in).

So it looks like I'm "on" for Friday's procedure (If I were to book the Yoplait spot, the "window" for shoot dates is basically anytime from the 23rd to the end of the month).

I have to leave for group in a few minutes - I think I'm going to drive, because a couple of screws have fallen out of the rear fender of my bike, which makes it sound like the whole bike is going to shake apart at any second - so I think that's goann be it for now.


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