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1:59 pm - Mon 4/14/03
Sometimes it's fun to be me...but mostly not

Sometimes it's fun to be me...but mostly not

Had brunch with Cary and Kay yesterday (They treated me to Marie Callenders, a nice step up from Denny's, my regular restaurant-of-choice).

Have I mentioned I like those two...?

Wednesday morning, they're leaving for Hawaii for a week, which officially makes it "cool to be them" (Seriously, as Cary said at brunch, it's very good timing, what with Kay's dad passing recently, and Cary dealing with his always-challenging job and a rewrite of the "Payback" script, a rewrite which isn't being re-written as fast as he'd like. They could use the break, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than "My West Coast Support Team". It's also Cary's birthday today--He's 38--so this trip is serving the duo-function of getaway and birthday present).

They came to my house bearing gifts; Kay had a large Tupperware container of frozen beef-and-bean soup--I haven't tried it yet, but Kay's a good cook, so I imagine I'm going to enjoy myself when I do--and Cary brought his old computer, which is to be my new computer.

I told myself I should wait, and not try to set it up before work, in case there was a problem, but of course, I couldn't wait; I set it up, and other than not having sound and not being able to figure out my e-mail--the same problems I had last time I tried to install the freenet program, if I remember correctly--I was online, and life was good (I had a brief moment of perfect happiness over how relatively easy it was--the crossed speaker wires were no big deal, and I knew the mail thing would get figured out eventually; besides, I have a hotmail account, so again, no big deal--but sadly, the "happy moment" passed...).

Not sure exactly what happened, but in trying to fix the mail situation, I first lost the connection to my modem, then after reinstalling the freenet stuff over and over and over, got a connection back, but the freenet is not recognizing my password, which is the same password I had yesterday when I got online.

It didn't take long--it never does at times like this--for me to get insanely frustrated (I get frustrated pretty easily, but I think the thing that's more upsetting than the actual feeling of frustration is the feeling that I can't "manage" my emotions).

Anyway, I tried to get things together again this morning (Before and after my "Reading by 9" thing. More on that in the next entry), but to no avail, so I plugged the old IBM Aptiva back in, and here we are.

Once again, this continues to feed into my feeling out here of...well, I guess of frustration--Does everything have to be a big pain-in-the-ass? Can't anything ever just...happen?

Well, speaking of "pains in the ass", I have to get to work...


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