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4:12 pm - Fri 6/8/07
In In The News-That-Shouldn't-Be-News

In The News-That-Shouldn't-Be-News...

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with current events.

For example: First Paris Hilton was going to jail, for violating her probation on a drunk driving conviction. Then she was going to have a reduced sentence. Then she was going to be released and under "house arrest".

Now she's going back to jail, for the original 45 day sentence (Or maybe not--she could still get time off for "good behavior" or "time served" or something).

On one level--a level we'll call "Reality"--none of this matters to me one way or another. It doesn't effect my life in any way, shape, or form.

But on another level--a level we'll call "Fantasy" (where I've never gotten over my desire for life to be "fair", for people to get what's coming to them, good or bad)--this matters to me, at least a little bit.

And while I felt bad when I saw the picture of Ms H. crying in the back seat of her limo (on her way to court), when you think about it, isn't that how punishment is supposed to make you feel? That's why it's called "punishment" and not "chocolate pudding".

Anyway, there's a big part of me that feels embarrassed for being invested in this at all, but there it is.


Read the news earlier today that Isiah Washington will not be coming back to Gray's Anatomy.

I like the show--though I think this past season was pretty hit-or-miss--and I've liked his work on the show (Particularly the relationship between his character and Sandra Oh's).

But that said, I don't think being a talented actor entitles you to be an asshole (Even if you're on a hit series). And again, a "fairness issue" comes into play--I can't imagine anyplace I've ever worked where I would be permitted to call someone a "faggot", assault a coworker, and continue to keep my job (And if someone did those things to me on the job, then got to keep their job, I'd be pretty pissed).

But beyond that fantasy-world, "I really should get over this" issue of "fairness", I started wanting him gone because I felt the fracas had effected the show (Though I honestly don't know whether it had effected the acting on the show, or if I just could no longer watch the show without thinking of the drama backstage).

(I'm feeling a bit cowardly...I just edited a joke from this entry, because I was afraid of how it might be received. So here it is--After saying "I don't think being a talented actor entitles you to be an asshole", I wrote, in parenthesis, "And if you don't agree, you can kiss my talented ass".)

Well, I find myself wanting to write some more--I seem to feel "freed up" by writing about shit that doesn't really matter in the slightest--but speaking of things that don't really matter in the slightest, it's time for work


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