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10:40 AM - Wednesday 08.02.23

NOT Just "Waiting For The Call"...

Well, I woke up today (Eventually - It took me a couple tries ), knowing my "challenge for the day" was going to be, "To have the day be about something more than just waiting to get the call".

(Or to be more accurate, waiting to get an email from my agent saying I booked yesterday's thing. Or to be still more accurate, "waiting to get the email saying I'm on avail for yesterday's thing", because they never seem to tell me I booked the thing outright without an "avail" first.)

But here's the thing about the thing - Yesterday's audition was kind of a bummer, because in the five-person "scene" that comprised the audition, I was the only one who didn't have a line (They actually gave a line to the only other character who didn't have a line before).

People were given lines, and being directed to act this or way or that, while I just stood there, basically as background (It would have been nice if someone had at least said, "And Jim, you're fine. Just keep doing what you're doing" to make me feel I was actually in the scene).

So basically, my thing will just be coming down to a "face lottery" - "Do we want this odd-looking face, or that odd-looking face?" - and it doesn't feel good to have it just be luck-of-the-draw that way.

(I always like to think there's something I can do to turn the odds in my favor, even if there's really not.)

The other audition I had is even more of a "face lottery" than this one - Still no lines, but my face would be the only face in the spot - and callbacks for that one are Friday.

(It would sure be nice to get something - It's stressful when the cash is all flowing out, with nothing flowing in. But anyway...)

Happily, I do have a couple GenSpace classes today.

Then in the evening, the plan is to go over to Jane's and watch Reservation Dogs (The first two episodes of the new season dropped today).

Speaking of GenSpace...

On Monday, had my regular drawing class, then had my audition - the second of the two I've been talking about - at the casting place on LaBrea.

So did the drawing class, then walked home, the plan being to nap for a bit, then get up, get dressed, and go to the place.

Everything was going according to plan - set my alarm for an hour, dozed off, then got up and changed into my audition stuff - but when I went down to the parking garage, my car was gone.

Which is when I remembered that I had driven to GenSpace.

(Since that's never happened before, I'm finding that "senior moment" a little worrisome...though I'm telling myself that since I usually walk to GenSpace, it's not that weird that I "went into autopilot" and walked home. Still, I'd be less freaked out about it if I'd maybe gotten halfway down the block then realized, "Jim, you old Silly-Billy, you drove today...!", instead of getting all the way home like I did. But anyway...)

Other than feeling a little "meh" about yesterday's callback - okay, a lot "meh" - had quite a good day yesterday.

In the late afternoon, I picked Jane up, and we went to Los Feliz, where we had dinner at Fred 62, then watched Barbie, and split a piece of cherry pie at House of Pies afterward.

(Barbie was great, by the way. Script, acting, design...pretty much everything was on-point. I was particularly impressed with Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, and with Greta Gerwig for pulling it all together. If you haven't seen it yet, see it.)

Jane's leaving a week from tomorrow, so I'm hoping we can see Oppenheimer before she goes (Since Nolan shot it in 70mm, I'm hoping we can see it on an IMAX screen, but "any port in a storm").

Well, there's actually a few more things to write about, but I have to go to the can, then figure out why the action figure I just got in the mail won't bend at the waist like it's supposed to, then start getting ready for GenSpace.

Till next time...



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