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4:01 pm - Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006
\"Nip/Tuck\"--The Climactic Conclusion

Nip/Tuck--The Climactic Conclusion

My Nip/Tuck experience concluded on Friday.

The following are the entries I wrote on Thursday and Friday.

Thurs 9/28/06 (3:20 p.m.)

(In my trailer on the Paramount lot)

I'm in full "Federal Corrections Officer #2" regalia (I've been "propped up" as they say, meaning basically that I have my gunbelt on).

Doing the second of my two lines today--"This is a restricted area"--which is basically the beginning of the scene.

Tomorrow is likely to be a long day. That's when Christian discovers a bunch of dead guards (Yours Truly amongst them). And I guess I'm okay if it is a long day--It's not like I had a lot of big plans, after all.

Today, however, I wouldn't mind getting out early enough to either A) Go to a casting workshop, or B) Watch My Name Is Earl and The Office while I tape Ugly Betty.

(If I'd pushed it, I might have been able to get to the workshop. Instead, I opted to not "push it", going home and watching television instead.)

I know I'm going to feel a letdown after this is over, but it's gonna help a lot to know I've got the Bahamas commercial next month.

But right now, what I'm really thinking about is the addictive nature of booking gigs; I booked this, I just booked the Bahamas thing, and now I've spent all afternoon just wanting to get a call from Brett, telling me I booked The Loop (I won't be destroyed if I don't book it, but I'll definitely be disappointed).

What I'm devoutly hoping at this point is that what you're witnessing right now is the start of my honest-to-goodness career.

Fri 9/29/06 (9:30 a.m.)

Call today was at 8:00 a.m.

As soon as I got here, I was ushered to rehearsal (My last scene is the first scene of the day).

After that, I quickly got breakfast, then was sent to makeup for my "bullet hole".

(I'm torn between wanting to describe the scene in question, and not wanting to be too "spoiler-ish", for any readers who are Nip/Tuck fans.)

I was thinking this would be a long day, but it's the first scene of the day, and there are three scenes afterwards, so now I'm thinking I may be done by lunch-time.


Back in my trailer...

We did a shot of Christian discovering the bodies of the guards.

I was a little nervous about it, but it actually seemed to go pretty quickly.

(1:30 p.m.)

In paper surgical scrubs, having just showered to wash a gooey mix of blood-and-brain-matter out of my hair.

I should be done--I'm only on the schedule for this scene--but they haven't "released" me yet, because the director may want me for another guard scene.

It wouldn't make much difference to me, one way or another, but Lady hasn't been walked today, and it would be nice if I could get home in time to do that before Mark gets home (I left a voicemail last night telling him I had an early call today, and another one just now, to let him know where things stand).

(And the A.D. just came by--I'm here at least another hour. Oh well...)

My mind's doing a couple of things right now...

1. I'm obsessing, in spite of myself, about getting a call from Brett about The Loop. Or barring that, at least a call about more auditions from him or JS.

2. I'm thinking about how I need to look over my bill situation and buy groceries before work tomorrow night.

3. I'm continuing to speculate over what booking this gig, and now the Bahamas commercial, will mean to me in the days ahead.

Well, I did end up being added to the extra guard scene (Which made it the long day I predicted the day before). And I'd say it worked out pretty well; I got an extra line (The director gave me one of the lines of the character I originally auditioned for), three hours of overtime, and a shot of me with the two series leads.

It was a small, weird taste of what it's like to shoot "out of chronology"--In the morning I had been killed, and by afternoon I'd been "resurrected" (The scene we shot in the afternoon is one of the early scenes of the episode).

At one point, I found myself thinking about Michael Caine's book on acting; he advises actors to not give themselves a lot of "business" to do, unless they're prepared to "match" it, take after take.

I realized yesterday how difficult that could be, when I had a very simple bit to do, but really wasn't sure exactly how I'd done it when the next take came up (I hope I didn't create a problem in editing, but live and learn).

I wouldn't say you have to watch this--I'm basically a glorified extra in the piece--but if you want to, the "air date" for the episode is November 7th.

And with that, it's off to the ArcLight, to serve people popcorn and soda...


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