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7:51 AM - Weds 8.12.20

Not My First "Performance Anxiety" Rodeo

Just woke up from a dream...

I was in a play.

And for some reason, the cast was having to do the play in someone's house, last-minute.

I remember people dressing up in Hawaiian shirts that were in the person's closet - I asked someone if that was their actual costume, or were they just improvising (They were "just improvising". But when I looked in the closet for something to wear, it was empty).

And I was freaking out because, for some reason, I had only cursorily read the play and didn't know my lines (And from the way people were scrambling around, we were going on any minute).

Then I woke up.

Now, I know the most boring thing in the world is "someone else's dream" - And this isn't my first time at the "performance anxiety dream" rodeo - but I'm finding the dream interesting for how it differs from most dreams I have of this ilk.

My normal "performance anxiety" dream has me lost in the bowels of the performance space, alone, not knowing what show I'm in or what role I'm playing or even how to get to the stage.

(Speaking of "performance anxiety" - I'm currently on hold with Unemployment, trying to figure out why my benefits seem to have hit a snag. But anyway...)

So it was interesting that other people were around, I kind of knew the deal (Though the other people in the cast still seemed a step ahead of me), and I at least knew the show I was in, even if I wasn't prepared to go on.

(The only other dream I recall having that was similar in tone was one on the Shameless set, where I was about to shoot my scene and didn't know my lines - I was running around, trying to find a loose script to look at, but since John Wells has a "no scripts on set" rule, there were none to be found.)

I'm also curious if the "having to do the show in a temporary space" part of today's dream had anything to do with reading about the recent fire in Alpena MI, which severely damaged Thunder Bay Theater, where I worked for four seasons in the 1980s.

Anyway, that was a semi-interesting thing that happened in my mind.

And in the real world, just got off the phone with Unemployment, which went very well - She didn't seem to know why my situation was happening but said she'd send me a paper recertification thing to fill out (For the last part of July) and that I should be good to go after that (For some reason, communication about my claim stopped with the last time I got paid, for the first two weeks of July - After that, I stopped getting text/email notices, and there were no further communications in my inbox on the website).

It's a mild inconvenience, I'd say - I'm not going to go hungry or get evicted because of the snag - though I do wonder if it'll impact my getting the last of the federal Covid-19 benefit, since that expired last month.

But I'm pleased I took quick action to address the situation (Seriously - I just tried to call back and got a message saying that, because of call volume, they couldn't take my call and "please try again later").

And since this is Day 1 of me taking a crack at a daily entry, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Till next time...




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