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11:34 am - Sat 9/1/07
\"On Location\" In Lansing

"On Location" In Lansing

Where to begin...?

I am in the midst of my four-day Lansing vacation.

Getting here was, for the most part, pretty uneventful (Which is the way I like "getting here" to go); I took the subway to Union Station, then from there, grabbed the "Flyaway" shuttle to LAX.

(My car's parked on the street in LA, since it doesn't need to be moved again till Wednesday and I'll be back Tuesday nite. So "Yay!" for not having to pay for parking.)

It's only the second time I've flown since 9/11, and between the subway/shuttle trip and the strip search I was expecting at the airport, I didn't know how much time to allow for making my flight. So, being an anxious guy by nature, I left the apartment around 8:30, for a 12:45 departure time (Cause "that's how I roll", as the kids say).

But contrary to all the LAX horror stories I've heard, things went very quickly, and I ended up waiting around the airport for almost two hours (Which was fine, since I hadn't had breakfast; it also gave me a chance to buy some water, M&Ms, and a couple magazines, to stave off starvation and boredom while in flight).

On the first leg of my journey, from LA to Cincinnati, I saw my Propel commercial while watching tv, so it was nice to know that's still out there, making $$$ for me.

There was a quick stopover, then I was back on a smaller plane, for the short hop from Cincinnati to Lansing.

On that flight, I sat next to a very nice, older Christian woman, who was reading a book by Henri Nouwen (A noted Christian writer I've actually read myself). We chatted a bit, which was nice, and it made the short trip go by even faster.

(If she hadn't been so nice, I might have been tempted to get out the Christopher Hitchens book I'm reading-God Is Not Great. But like I said, she was very nice, so I didn't feel any need to antagonize her with my choice of reading materials (Instead I read People magazine).

I'm not a nervous flyer--oddly enough, since I feel like I'm nervous about so many other things--but as we were about to land in Lansing, there was a loud thunk, and the plane did a little up-and-down, side-to-side action that had me momentarily imagining the worst.

But here I am :)

And unfortunately, I've run out of time--Tom H. is picking me up in about twenty minutes, so he and Mary K. and I can rehearse our song for tonite (And enjoy a little social time).

More later.


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