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9:04 pm - Weds 5/16/07
Birthday Opus #46

Birthday Opus #46

Weds 5/16/07 (12:05 a.m.)

Well, birthday #46 has come and gone.

Fairly painless, for the most part. There was, I�d say, a �light dusting of melancholy��46 years old, and I�ve got nobody to hang out with on my birthday�but what are ya gonna do? And my �special day� was actually more acknowledged than I deserved-- I got phone calls (from Mark Z., Casey R.), an email (from Kathy B.), and an e-card (from Tom and Mary). And prior to that, there were cards and gifts from Margaret Z. and Kevin K.

(And something�s coming in the mail from Jane, along with my first Sopranos tape-Yay!-so that�ll be something to look forward to.)

I�d thought about different things I might do today, but ended up doing nothing, really. I had breakfast at Dennys, then just hung out at home till late in the afternoon, when I went to the bank to cash a couple of small checks. Then I came home, cleaned myself up, and went to the Sizzler a couple blocks from my house, where I had the steak and lobster tail (Tasty, but smaller than I�d hoped for, considering I was up for some serious birthday over-indulgence. So I had to �make up the difference� with three trips to their �sundae bar�).

(Young �Naomi� was also having a birthday at Sizzler, there with her family. So the waitstaff sang her one of those birthday-songs-that-isn�t-�Happy Birthday To You�, and I was glad it was her and not me--I�m not a big fan of that sort of thing.)

After Sizzler, I went to Rite-Aide, then to my nearby Ralphs, in search of a padded folding chair (Since the chair I normally sit on as I write these entries, the one that matches the table I bought from the apartment manager when I first moved here, is coming apart).

I thought about drinking at one point�They had a big display of vodka on sale at Rite-Aide�but I knew what I was up to with that particular train-of-thought, and decided it would be best to have any latent bad feelings stay latent.

And my last �birthday indulgence�, with a half-hour or so of birthday left, was a couple of donuts and a large coffee (I know��Sublimate much, Jim?�).

Anyway, as birthdays go, I�ve had worse.


I�ve been debating whether this is �schadenfreude�, "having a sense of perspective�, or a bit of both: I was feeling bad about the Snickers thing (If you haven�t been following along, it looks like my bit was cut out of the recent Snickers commercial I shot), till I found out that Mark F., a former ArcLight coworker, was cut out of a four-episode arc on this season of 24.

(It just got progressively worse for him, apparently; his storyline got cut from four episodes to two, then cut out altogether.)

In my case, being cut out of a commercial means the potential loss of thousands of dollars, which is a pretty big deal. A huge deal. But in terms of acting/�exposure� and the like, it�s meaningless (Though it�s been somewhat embarrassing to have people come up to me saying �Wasn�t that the commercial you were supposed to be in?� after seeing the spot).

But to have a multi-episode guest-star arc on a major tv show? Something you think is the break you�ve been waiting for? Something you�ve no doubt told all your family and friends about? And then have it be cut out altogether?

That�s tough.

Honestly? I was pretty jealous when I first heard he�d gotten the part.

But now? Not so much.


It�s now been two weeks since my meeting with Vicki L., the agent I�d hoped was going to sign me.
Clearly, she�s not interested (I�ve called her twice�last Wednesday, then the following day--plan on calling her again tomorrow, and will keep calling her, until such time as she returns my calls. Or changes her number. Whichever comes first).

Emotionally, time is never my friend in a situation like this. I don�t need time to think (i.e. to worry, to become depressed, to become angry, etc.). It�s too bad, as a guy with a fairly big brain, that thinking almost never takes me to a good place. But it just...doesn�t.

Well, don't I feel silly now...

I finally connected with Vicki today--there was some unexplained glitch with her trying to call me on my cell (Hence the not hearing back from her)--and, long story short, she is going to take me on as a client!

So I'm hoping, between her and Brett--I'm assuming I'll be with Brett at least another year--that I'll be going in for more things when the fall season starts up (Some shows resume filming next month).

She didn't blow any sunshine up my skirt when we spoke--she said "don't expect to go out every day"--but she said there were definitely roles out there for me, and money to be made. And I like the vibe between us; it took awhile for me to get over being intimidated by JS, but I immediately feel comfortable with Vicki. And I hope that bodes well for a happy--and profitable--relationship.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens next...


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