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1:09 am - Friday, Oct. 01, 2004
And Now, In No Particular Order...

And Now, In No Particular Order...

Thurs 9/30/04 (9:26 p.m.) Watched the first presidential debate earlier this evening...

I was pretty damned happy with how it went. While I wouldn't say it was a mugging or anything like that, in my opinion Kerry won, and won pretty decisively: His answers were more substantive, he kept Bush on the defensive, he kept his composure, and looked more "presidential" than the man in the oval office (Who looked more like he should be managing a Footlocker then running the country).

But I'm not ready to do my "happy dance" just yet. The Republicans are going to do a great job over the next couple days selling people the idea that "you didn't really hear what you heard during the debate..." (I worry that the Democrats won't do nearly as well getting out the truth). Beyond that, there are two more debates to goľNot to mention the vice-presidential debate--and five more weeks of campaigning. Who knows what could happen between now and election day?

But I have to say, tonite was very, very encouraging.
Had my audition for Proof earlier today.

It's not gonna happen.

I was called in shortly after I got there, did my monologue in front of four 20-something guys who were just too hip, then was promptly sent on my way.

(Since my monologue was short, and I did it seated, afterwards I asked if they wanted to see me do something "on my feet". They responded by saying they were "good". Then when I asked if they wanted me to hang out to read from the script, they reiterated that they were "good". That's when I knew, for whatever reason, that they really weren't interested.)

Afterwards, I was pretty deflated, second-guessing myself about my choice of monologue (I was very happy with how I did the monologue, from Lips Together, Teeth ApartľI thought I kinda rocked, to be honest--but I wasn't so sure it was the right choice in the first place. I feel like that's a weak point of mine when I'm required to do a monologue for an audition. Twenty years of community theatre, where I never had to prepare audition monologues, did not serve me well in that regard).

But in reality, I think I was sunk before I ever got into the room.

I was auditioning for "Robert", the mathematician father, and the original audition notice in Backstage gave the character's age-range as 45-55 (I'm 43, and in my own mind look pretty much exactly my age, but figured I could "sneak onto" the lower end of the scale. I mean, what's the difference, really, between 43 and 45?). So I called the contact number, and set up the appointment.

I hadn't read the play at this point, but when I went to Samuel French and got a copy, I saw the character's age was listed as "50s". And the characters of the two daughters were 25 and 29.

Then I knew I was too young for the part, and was pissed off that the initial audition notice had misled me. I actually thought about calling to cancel my audition at that point, but decided to go through with it, both because I couldn't be 100% sure about my motives (Did I want to cancel because I wasn't right for the part, or because it would be a major upheaval in my life if I actually got it?), and because I thought I needed to just be auditioning for something at this point.

Anyway, when I got to the audition today, sure enough, the other guys I saw who were there for "my" part were all at least a decade older.

So blah blah blah. Another "one that got away".

I'm not happy about how this turned out, but you know what? I took the initiative, prepared a monologue, and got myself there, so in spite of the disappointing outcome, three cheers for me.




Now it's onward and upward, to next week's auditioning fun (For Dramatic Audition, the TNT show).

(I was about to say "All I'm hoping at this point is that it won't be quite as big a letdown as today's audition", but that's not exactly positive, is it? So instead, let's say thisľNot getting "Proof" is going to be the best thing that could have happened, since it now clears the way for me to win the Grand Prize on Dramatic Audition.)

Saw Shaun of the Dead yesterday.

Big fun.


If you don't mind a spot or two of graphic violence, run out and see it.

You'll laugh till you stop.

I guarantee it.


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