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9:00 AM - Tues 11.17.20

The Last Day Of Jane R...For Now

(Just had two pastries - when "no pastries" would have been a better choice - and am halfway through a large coffee. So let's do this...!)

At this writing, Jane R. has been in town for the better part of a week (She leaves tomorrow morning).

In terms of the documentary, the work part of her trip has primarily involved her and Seth (Our DP) shooting B-roll (Spending more time at Hollywood Forever, for example).

One of the few things she needed from me (a couple of voice-over bits) we actually decided to hold off on - Instead, we had a nice dinner at Seth's place on Saturday night, before he left town for another job (He'll be back next week, and the two of us can do the voice-overs then - We both agreed, as two guys who have a hard time taking the initiative, it would "give us a good excuse to hang out").

Today, she wants to get more photographs of me - I think to switch some out that are currently in the film - but I expect the lions-share of our time together to be devoted to high-quality hanging-out (She's getting some work done on her own this morning, but is coming over to my place in a couple hours to help me with a gift I plan to give someone for Xmas, to get the aforementioned photographs, and to just have fun).

Last night we hung out/had dinner with Sophie K., the "Sophie" of "Sophie and the Baron", an upcoming short documentary about her artistic collaboration with Baron Wolman (the first staff photographer at Rolling Stone).

(Jane was friends with Baron, who lived in Santa Fe and died recently from ALS.)

They reminisced about Baron - Who I unfortunately never had a chance to meet (I would love to have talked to him about Jimi Hendrix, who he knew personally) - then we talked about our respective documentaries, about art (and drawing in particular), and a host of other subjects.

After a rough patch in the beginning (For me, anyway - Her and Jane quickly got into talking apartment rentals and Air B&Bs and travel and whatnot, and I didn't have shit to say about any of it), it ended up being a wonderful time. We clearly all liked each other a great deal - I wouldn't be surprised if she and Jane became friends, and perhaps artistic collaborators, down the road (Jane's going to send her the current cut of our thing, and Sophie suggested we get together again sometime with Alex, the Director of her documentary).

I was very interested in her technique (She draws her subjects without looking at the paper or lifting her pen from the paper - I forget what it's called..."contour drawing"? "Single line drawing"? - then adds shading and color from there).

And I was even more interested in her journey as an artist in general (She started as a writer who did some illustrations for her books then eventually transitioned to being primarily a visual artist) - A lot of what she had to say about the work of "getting out of your head" as an artist really resonated with me since I've recently decided to take my own drawing more seriously (In a ballsy move, I actually showed her one of my drawings - She was encouraging).

(Drawing aside, I could probably also stand to "get out of my head" more as an actor...assuming anyone's ever going to want/need me to "act" moving forward - I've been feeling pretty discouraged lately about how little actual "acting" I've done in almost twenty years as a professional actor.)

My last Shameless - One line in a special "clip show" with Kev and V - was on the ninth, and after sitting out episodes #6 and 7, I'm not back till next month, for episodes #8 and 9.

After that, far as I know, there are only three episodes to go before it's all over (The show starts airing on Showtime December 6th) - Which would suggest I'll be unemployed come sometime in February...assuming I'm actually in those last three episodes, which is by no means a given.

One very fun thing that's happened since Jane's been here is we had a little mini-" film festival" at my friend Cary's house on Saturday, watching the short-subject thriller he wrote called The Caddy (Starring Ron. Perlman), then our thing (I guess "starring" me).

I was a little nervous, and Jane a little more so, but the reception to our film was very positive (From Cary, his wife Kay, and Kay's mother Corinne), which was gratifying (For the record, we also enjoyed Cary's film a great deal, a taut little "proof of concept" thriller that, if. all goes well, could end up a Netflix series).

So Jane's gone tomorrow.

She's talking about hunkering down for the rest of the year in Santa Fe, as Covid cases being on the rise means Covid restrictions are also on the rise (And what would be a festive "holiday season" becomes, instead, a time to immerse herself in non-documentary artistic pursuits).

As for me, beyond the two Shameless episodes mentioned, whatever auditions happen between now and the end of the year, and hoping-against-hope that I book a non-Shameless something-or-other before. the year's out (aka "My Xmas Present To Me"), any COVID restrictions will just mean...doing what I normally do - Not going anywhere or doing much of anything that I can't do from home (Though I do hope the rising tide of COVID doesn't mean "The Biz" once again shutting down. Cause that would suck).

Well, I could write more - I didn't even get to my new iPhone, or my commercial agent's "homework assignment" (Where I basically got an A- but was sad because it wasn't an A) - but Jane's going to be here shortly and I have yet to cleanse myself, so it's off to the shower I go...

Till next time...



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