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11:44 PM - Sat 8.15.20

Ten Things I've Enjoyed About The Pandemic

1, Before I was fired, it was fun to just roll out of bed, have breakfast, throw on a shirt, and "go to work". It felt like I was "getting away with something".

2. After I was fired (And worked out Unemployment) it was fun to just roll out of bed, have breakfast, then not have to "go to work" at all. Because WW realized I really was "getting away with something".

3. I barely have to drive, because where am I going?

4. I've done laundry, like, three times since March.

5. With everyone eating outside at restaurants, it looks like everyone's on a picnic (Or a location shoot). That's fun.

6. I've cut back on unnecessary spending (Like therapy) and am saving over $150 a month.

7. It was fun feeling like I was "ahead of the pack" when it all started - I was living like I was in a pandemic (Not going out, not socializing, etc) long before "Safer At Home" was a thing.

8. For a while, it was relaxing to not have to worry about auditions - Knowing nothing was going to happen for me because nothing was happening for anyone felt good in a "misery loves company" way.

9. With Shameless on hold, I've gotten to keep my natural hair color (And my beard and mustache, which everyone - except Jane R. - strongly prefers) six months longer than I would have otherwise.

10. I've had more time to draw, play instruments, start a podcast, hang out with Jane (When she was here), and of course, do this




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