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1:59 pm - Sat 1/31/04
May I See Your Passport Please?

May I See Your Passport Please?

My passport came in today's mail.

The day I applied for it, I recall feeling "like I'd thrown money down a hole", as I think I said in here.

But in light of recent commercial success, and the fact that a fellow JS-er just booked a spot for the Discovery Channel that has her travelling to South Africa, it doesn't seem all that far-fetched to think my developing acting career might take me to some exotic far-off locale.

Every time I get a gig, I find myself talking to Cary and, at some point in the conversation, saying something to the effect of "I'm actually doing this..."; For most of my life, being a professional actor was a fantasy, something I was going to talk about, but never do anything about.

But now, here I am. And it's starting to happen.

I could hardly be more pleased...


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