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10:08 am - Tues 9.14.2010
Perchance To Sleep

Perchance to Sleep

Back at Dr Alessi's office yesterday (Dr A. is my ENT guy), to hear the results of my sleep study, and where we go from here.

The study was performed back in July, but Dr. A was on vacation the first two weeks of August; that, and my tendency to procrastinate in these matters - in all matters, really - explains why so much time passed between the study and yesterday's follow-up visit. Oh, and that I thought the Dr's office was going to call me when they received the study...which they didn't.

Anyway, the big "news" is that I still have sleep apnea, which I knew.

But what I didn't know is that I did help myself by losing weight, at least in terms of the numbers; according to the test, I still have sleep apnea, but I don't have it as badly as I did when I was a big fat man.

(While it's not a difference I've noticed - at all - on an emotional level, it's satisfying to think I did "move things in the right direction" by my actions.)

But still, we basically found out what we already knew - I have sleep apnea.

While it's less severe than it was because of my weight loss, it's still there, because of my "structural issues", and thus, won't be going away without a surgical assist.

So, pending approval by my insurance, I'll be getting my deviated septum fixed (Something I thought I'd done back in the 80's...but apparently not), my "turbinates" shaved down a bit (They're too big, and intruding upon other structures), and the the back of my tongue and soft palate reduced via radio waves (So said structures don't block my airway when I sleep).

If/when I do this, I'm looking at sometime in November, in the hope, between it being a traditionally slow time in the business, and the surgery being something that can happen on a Friday (Leaving me audition-worthy by Monday), that I can keep it from impacting auditions/bookings.

(11:36 am)

A short time ago, got an email from my manager about a second audition for Shameless on Friday.

It's not as juicy a role as "Vagrant", and it's not a scene with William H. Macy (Though he's watching my character be interviewed on the local news, so it's kind of like we're in the same scene), but I'm still pleased, because this is exactly the way it's supposed to work - You go in, do your best, and even if you don't get the role, make such a good impression they remember you and call you in again.

And I'm happy "again" is happening so soon!

(In other happy news...)

After confirming Friday's audition, I called Shelley, to confirm our lunch date on Thursday.

After seeing her at WW on Saturday morning, I called her on Sunday, leaving a message suggesting Tuesday or Thursday for our outing (She works nights, so needs to do a daytime thing).

I was disappointed when I hadn't heard from her by early evening yesterday, when I checked my cell phone and realized she had called - I'd just missed it because I'd had the phone on "vibrate" (And the phone was in my pants...which I wasn't wearing most of the day yesterday).

Anyway, we're doing House of Pies on Thursday at 1:00.

(Even though I was happy to actually be talking to her "live" - I think for the first time outside of a WW meeting - I tried to get off the phone as quickly as possible, cause I didn't want to "use up" any potential topics-of-conversation for Thursday.)

Well, I think that's pretty much all the big news from here...

Now I think I'll lie down for a spell, before heading to the electric company (To see if I can get them to not charge me a $200 deposit), then going on to Los Feliz, where I plan to see The American with my friend Howard.

(All of a sudden, this seems like a pretty good time to be me...!)


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