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4:10 pm - Tues 3/28/06
Arranging A Play-Date

Arranging A Play-date

It's raining.

It's been raining all day.

And it's been raining a lot lately, reminding me that, contrary to what a lot of people think--contrary to what I used to think before I came out here--there's at least one change-of-season here in L.A.

It would be a great day to stay in--Just watch tv and play on the computer and drink soda (If I had any soda in the house, that is)--but in less than a half-hour, I have to start getting ready for work (I'm ushering, 6:00-close, in the Dome).


In an effort to jump-start my personal/social life, I recently e-mailed Garrett P. and John O.

Heard back from Garrett very quickly; I emailed him just to reconnect, tell him about ArcLight and my free passes, and see if he wanted to do a movie next week (Next week is not good, he replied, but we could shoot for the following week).

Haven't heard from John O. yet, which could mean he's still in Florida, I think it is, attending to family matters(His 91 year old father has had health problems for years now, and John was recently called by one of his sisters, who told him "this might be it"). Or it could mean that he's back in town, and simply hasn't had a chance to respond yet.

I've also been e-mailing Joe, another former Borders manager, to see about setting up a play-date with the two of us and Tim G. (Tim and Joe are currently working together in security at Cedar-Sinai).

Joe recently bought a motorcycle, a red-and-white Honda Shadow, which is number one or two on the list of "motorcycles I would buy, if I were in a position to buy a motorcycle"
(I like the way they look, it seems like the right sized motorcycle for my needs, and on Craigslist, a used one seems to sell, on average, somewhere between $2000-4000, a price I could imagine being "do-able" somewhere down the road).

(In spite of the fact that I "decided" against getting a motorcycle awhile back, I still find myself looking at those listings on Craigslist. "Mid-life crisis", or solution to all my problems...?)


Why did I write this boring-ass entry? Well, in part because it was all I could think of to write about in the limited time I gave myself.

But I also feel that need to "justify myself". If I cry in here about being lonely, and I never write about calling someone or trying to go out or whatnot, I know people are thinking, "there's Jim, crying about his problems again, but not doing anything about them...".

Anyway, right now I need to continue to unsuccessfully battle the problem of poverty by going to work...


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