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10:28 am - Thurs 6.19.2008


Seeing The Hulk today with John O., and going to The Cheesecake Factory afterwards (It was the C.F. or Johnny Rockets, and John prefers the C.F.). It should be fun, if a little more expensive than I'd like.

(I'd rather be seeing a cheap matinee at the Vista, eating somewhere in Los Feliz, but that would be a long way for John to go - He lives in West Hollywood. But anyway...)

After play-time with John, I have to go home and walk Lady, my neighbor Mark's dog (I haven't had to walk her regularly for the past week or two, but this is the second time this week he's asked if I could fit her into my schedule).

In the evening, I'll probably try to sneak in a walk around the neighborhood, before settling in with my talent competition of choice, So You Think You Can Dance, so the day is feeling pretty full.

Yesterday I had another audition, for an AFI short film called - what was it called...? - The Void.

At first, I wasn't psyched about the AFI thing - which doesn't pay until/unless the film in question sells - and was a little annoyed at Brett for submitting me.

But there are a number of reasons to do AFI films (To get good looking tape, to make connections, to stay sharp, etc.), and it's not as if I have a lot of paying gigs on my plate right now, so why not?

That was at 1:00, at the AFI, up the hill on Western, just north of Franklin.

I guess it went all right. There were three people in the room - the director, her producer (I'm guessing, or maybe the writer), and a cameraman - and they had me do the scene three times (showing grisly pictures of murder victims - killed by some kind of monster, since this was a horror movie - to a female FBI agent).

I started out comparatively matter-of-fact, and they wanted me to be "freaked out" by what I'd seen, and unfortunately, even though they were very effusive at the end, I left feeling like I hadn't gotten to where they wanted me to go.

And that, my friends, is why you don't work up a scene in just one way (Which is a very bad habit of mine) - Instead, you want to have a couple different readings "in your pocket", so if they say, "Well, that was good, but now go the other extreme", you've worked out that "other extreme", and look like some kind of freaky genius actor.

But anyway, probably won't get it, and I'll do better next time.

But now it's off to The Grove...

(Remember kids: If you're going to audition for something, be prepared with a couple different ideas on how to do it. Otherwise, you're a big loser.)


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