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4:26 pm - Sunday, May. 07, 2006
The Jimlandia Police Blotter

The Jimlandia Police Blotter
Fri 5/5/06 (4:58 p.m.)

Saw United 93 on Wednesday (With Casey R., a coworker at the theater).

Two days later, and I still don’t really know how to write about it...

When I first started seeing the trailer at the theater, my gut reaction was “too soon”; I felt the tragedy was still too fresh a wound to be made into “entertainment”, and was creeped out at the idea of people profiting from it.

I calmed down somewhat when I learned the victims’ families were “on board”–seeing it as a “memorial” to their loved ones-- but after actually seeing the film, I’m still wondering, at least for myself, if it wasn’t “too soon”.

It was tough to watch, that’s for sure (I saw it with my friend Casey, from the theater). If you want a “You Are There”, fly-on-the-wall experience, this movie certainly provides it (Though there’s a disclaimer afterwards about the movie being “speculation”. Since there weren’t a lot of eyewitnesses left to tell the tale of exactly what happened on the plane that day).

For me–and Casey as well, when we talked about it afterwards–the most difficult part of the movie to watch was the passengers’ desperate effort to retake the plane. I wanted more than anything for the outcome of the struggle to be different...but of course, we know what happened. And about the best thing you can hope is that the movie was accurate, and the terrorists final moments were made as difficult as possible.

Sun 5/7/06 (3:22 p.m.)

Well, here’s a pretty discouraging turn-of-events: My bike was stolen yesterday.

Yes, the bike I’ve only had since January.

Yes, the bike I just spent $100 on about a week ago.

I came out after work last night, around midnight, and when I went into the parking garage, where bike riders have their bikes locked to a couple bike racks and a stairwell railing, my bike was not amongst them.

After walking around and around for awhile, distinctly nonplussed, I went back into the theater, telling Michael and Ilhom, who were working at Guest Services, that my bike had been stolen.

They told me a parking security person had come in three hours earlier, asking whether they knew if one of their fellow ArcLight employees rode a Schwinn. But they didn’t know, and I guess the guy didn’t give any details as to why he was asking about it.

And when I tried to follow up, the guy had left for the night, apparently made no kind of “incident report”, and nobody knew nothing about nothing (Donnie, one of the theater managers guessed that “security guy” had seen the tail end of the theft and wanted to alert the unhappy person who was going to go out and find their bike missing. Which is probably more realistic than what I was hoping for; I optimistically thought they might say something like “yeah, we saw the lock hanging off it, so we thought we’d better put it in the office for safekeeping...and here it is”. But sadly, that little Candyland fantasy didn’t happen).

I’m not exactly “angry” or “depressed”. I just feel...deflated; I can’t imagine there’s really a good time for something like this to happen, but to have it happen now, when money keeps draining away, no extra funds are on the horizon, and I just paid to have the bike fixed...well, it’s hard not to feel just a tad cursed.

(For those keeping score, that’s now 2 bikes, four hubcaps, and front and rear bike lights that I’ve had stolen in my five years in L.A.)

In other financial news, my ArcLight “gold membership” is coming due in a month (29.99 days, to be exact).

If I don’t renew it, all it means in practical terms is that I lose the pictures I’ve put up, and the “comments” section (Which I can replace with a free “guest book”). It’s not as if it’s the end of my journaling in Diaryland.

But as I’ve said before, I feel obligated to kick in something, because I use the service so much, and have gotten so much from it, and actually want to help the site stay afloat.

But I’m going to be using the money I didn’t have for a gold membership towards another bike (With a better lock).

So I appeal to my more affluent readers–If you can help me out, I promise to keep working on being a better journaler.

But now it’s off to ArcLight...


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