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1:18 am - Tues 3.16.2010
Are You Feeling...Polyamorous?

Are You Feeling...Polyamorous?

Where to start...?

Next Monday, I'm having lunch with someone I've met on the OKCupid website.

Of course, since I'm me, this couldn't be just a normal, "getting to know you", let's-see-if-we-have-any-chemistry outing...

She's married.

(But wait! There's more...)

She is/they are "polyamorous", which doesn't mean what I thought; I thought it was basically the "female version" of polygamy.

But she isn't looking to make me "Husband #7"; polyamory is "open marriage", where each partner is free to "go outside the marriage" and be involved with other people.

This is not something I'm interested in.

At all.

So why am I going to lunch with this person?

I don't know.

I think I'm "splitting the difference"; While I'm not interested in being part of some hydra-headed polyamorous "relationship" (I feel emotionally challenged enough just contemplating a one-on-one relationship after 20 years), I don't want to be the guy who hears "open relationship"...and immediately cuts off the communication and runs screaming into the night.

Though I guess, under the circumstances, that would be a reasonable response (Well, not the screaming, but a polite, "That's not really what I was looking for" before signing off for good).

But I'm bored. And I'm lonely. And while, as previously stated, this is not the kind of thing I have any interest in, for a number of reasons (None of them moral in nature), maybe she'll turn out to be interesting and fun, and I'll end up making a new friend.

And if not, at least it should be an interesting conversation on Monday (Oh, and for the record - Yes, I have told her I'm "Monogamy Guy", so I'm not "leading her on").


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