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10:55 PM - Sat 10.01.22

Premiere Week

Well, the commercial audition where I had the great deadpan and the casting person told me that's why the Director brings me in to audition for his spots all the time?

I didn't get it.

An actor who beats me out of most things we both audition for got it instead.

(Which made me feel like that "great deadpan"? Maybe not so great after all.)

Now, I had just shot a commercial the week before (More on that in a moment), so you might think "no big deal", right?

But you'd be wrong - It was a really big deal.

I was surprised at how bummed I was not to get it. But maybe I shouldn't have been, since I set up booking both commercials as a "hedge" against one of the commercials not really paying out.

And I'm not at all confident I'll make it into the commercial I actually shot.

Basically, it ended up being some unscripted, "hidden camera" thing that left me feeling like I'd been unknowingly auditioning to be in the commercial while literally shooting the commercial (There were at least six actors involved when I was there).

I imagine they'll go over the footage and just use the stuff they like, meaning those people will be in the commercial, while the also-rans will get paid for the day and that's it.

So here's to "making the cut" and not being an "also-ran"...


Sun 12:20 am

In medical news...there's no news.

the "back and hip" test I mentioned in the last entry was a bone-density scan.

I swear I don't remember talking about this with the Doctor, so I don't know why she ordered it (I ended up asking the tech guy on the day what we were doing)...but I assume it might be her checking to see if my "testosterone situation" has affected my bones at this point, cause apparently that's a thing (Happily, it hasn't).

I don't know what the next step is here, in terms of the testosterone, but I am worried that I'm running out of time to pursue the answer (And hopefully a fix) - As of this writing, I've only got insurance till the end of March.

After that...?

I don't know.

(I checked the Sag-Aftra Health Insurance website today, after remembering I could actually see how much I've earned toward coverage for next year, and it looks like I'm closer to the magic number than I thought. But if I'm reading things correctly, I'm still $3800 away, with less than three months of 2022 to go, so...looks like it's gonna be a "nail-biter", folks!)


(4:40 pm)

Well, got something of a shock today as I was listening to one of my YouTube atheist call-in programs (Or "Atheist Church", as I like to call it) - Matt Dillahunty, president of the Atheist Community of Austin and main host of The Atheist Experience, is leaving the show after 17 years (And the ACA as well, which seems to suggest something has gone sour somehow. But anyway...).

I found him and the show on YouTube after watching a lot of Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens videos; I first watched old episodes of the show, then started watching it live some years back.

I've basically centered my Sundays around the program - along with Talk Heathen, another ACA show, and, later, Skeptic Generation and The Line - and listening to atheist/theological debates online has become something of a general hobby.

I've donated to the show, I even went to see Dillahunty speak here in LA (With Seth Andrews, another noted Atheist).

In short, the guy has had an impact.

It's not like he's died or anything - he's leaving the ACA, not the Internet in general - but it was still something of a shocker.

"Atheist Church" will definitely not be the same.


In happier news, Jane R. is back in town on Tuesday, and the big Hollywood Premiere of Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong is Thursday night.

I haven't been too nervous about it till now, and don't expect I will be till the actual day.

(Other than fielding a Q&A with Jane afterward, there's really nothing for me to do other than show up to the thing, and meet and greet friends and fans of the movie afterward - We were both happy to discover there's a party planned opening night, so we won't have to herd people to some other location to celebrate.)

But while I haven't had much to do other than twiddle my thumbs and wait for Thursday, Jane has been swamped by film-related business she's had to attend to, so she hasn't been able to just "twiddle her thumbs and wait till Thursday" (I don't think the "business" part of "show business" is her favorite part of the process, to be honest).

Which is another reason I look forward to both of us having nothing more we have to do other than nervously/excitedly watch the film with the audience (I am a little nervous about the Q&A afterwards, but our test run in Santa Fe - where we showed the film to the Santa Fe cast and crew - went well, so as long as people are actually motivated to ask questions of us, I think we'll be fine).

If the Awareness Festival website is to be believed, there are 50-plus tickets sold so far (Though this just occurred to me - If you bought tickets to the Festival in general, and not just our film, how does that work? Does the 50-plus include them or not?).

On one level, that seems like a crazy number of people paying to see a 90 minute film about me, but we both hope there'll be some more by the time Thursday night rolls around.

I guess we'll find out.

And on that note, I think I'm gonna wrap this puppy up.

Till next time...



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