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6:04 pm - Thurs 1/4/07
A Good Career In Pretend Law Enforcement

A Good Career In Pretend Law Enforcement

Weds 1/3/07 (2:00 p.m.)

(At the neighborhood barbershop, wondering why I didn't bring the "Spenser" book I'm currently reading. Guess in a burst of optimism, I thought I'd just come in and hop right in a chair--After all, their sign outside advertises "8 Chairs. No waiting". But anyway...)

I'm working this evening, the second week I've been scheduled to work six days, and against my "availability" (Next week, I'm back to five days, much to my relief. Though before too long, I'll undoubtedly be crying about how I'm not getting any hours. I'm pretty hard to satisfy that way; I need hours, but don't actually want to work).

I was getting sick of the holidays--now I'm just plain sick, with a rough, scratchy throat, juicy nasal passages, and a very irritating cough.

No fun.

But this is fun--Ruth M. emailed today to let me know she's seen my commercial on network tv a number of times.

It's hard not to obsess over it--"How much is it going to run?", "How much am I going to make from it?", etc.--but it's out of my hands at this point.

But it would be nice if it ran long enough that I booked another couple jobs while it was still making money for me.

Happily, after the holiday doldrums, the New Year is getting off to a quick start--Tonite I have my first workshop of 2007, and tomorrow afternoon, my first theatrical audition (A co-star on Criminal Minds).

It seems I may have a good career in pretend law enforcement; the role on Criminal Minds is "Sheriff Watson" (I basically give directions to the bad guy of the piece). So since I've booked two roles of that nature before--the Time/Warner spot and my recent bit on Nip/Tuck--I feel like I have a good shot at this one (It would be nice to start the year off with a win right out of the gate).

But speaking of "pretending", it's time for me to head out for my workshop.


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