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3:13 pm - Tues 1/23/07
The Propel Shoot

The Propel Shoot

You'd think I'd be eager to post my entry about Sunday's Propel shoot. But oddly enough, I've felt myself avoiding it for some reason.

But I wrote it, so here it is.

Sun 1/21/07 (7:55 a.m.)

(Sitting in my trailer, at "base camp" for the Propel Fitness Water shoot.)

My call time was 7:00 a.m., and I'd planned on getting here early--the better to enjoy a nice breakfast--but I ended up right on time, cause I overshot the street we're on and had to turn around. But anyway...

I've now breakfasted (Breakfast burrito, half a danish, coffee, and a bit of pineapple), and have been through hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

I'm wearing the black khakis I brought to the fitting, but other than that (and my socks and undies), I'm wearing their stuff-A green corderoy jacket, blue t-shirt, and black shoes..

The trailer is a pretty bare-bones "honey wagon", with none of the luxuries I had on Gilmore Girls or Nip/Tuck (There is a built-in radio/cassette player, but the radio doesn't get any stations, and since it's 2007, I didn't think to bring any cassettes with me).

But under the heading of "Be grateful for what you've got", the trailer's heated (It's a bit nippy outside this morning). And unlike the "background" people, seated at folding tables outside, at least I've got a little private space with my name on the door. And that's pretty cool.

Some of the crew were talking earlier, saying that since there were only 10 setups on the storyboards--I guess that's not that many--we'd probably be done by 2:00 p.m.

From my perspective, it's all good--I'm up for it being a short day, but if not, there's the possibility of overtime to consider (As we've previously established, I really like the money-making part of this process). And it's not like I have anyplace I have to run off to--I'm taking the night off from ArcLight, and as long as I get home in time for Desperate Housewives, I'll be happy.

(9:25 a.m.)

Still in my trailer...

Missy--the AD--said it would be "about a half hour" about twenty-five minutes ago.

(1:05 p.m.)

About 25 minutes into my lunch break (jerk chicken--delicious!, rice, mixed greens, pasta, some fruit, carrot cake, and iced tea. More than I strictly needed--I'm stuffed--but I was good yesterday, and I plan to be good tomorrow, so I figure I'm entitled).

Got called to the set around 9:45, where we did a shot of the three principal paparazzi guys (or "paparazzo", to use the plural), with John Stamos and Taye Diggs, against a green-screen background (I think Derek Jeter is supposed to be in there somewhere too, but he had a schedule conflict, so I think his stuff's been shot already, and they're going to stick him in later).

In the shot, we're all reacting, in our way, to the African American woman who's just power-walked by.

They we moved to another location--I think it was on Rodeo Drive, but I'm not sure--where the three paparrazo were taking pictures of Stamos, as our heroine does her power walking thing by us, and we abandon Stamos to focus on her.

I don't think I was even in that second shot--there were two cameras, but I didn't see myself on any of the playback stuff (Editor's note: In the days since, I've been concerned that I'm not even going to end up in the spot, and all I'll end up getting is the "session fee" for the day. That would suck).


I'm actually having a more difficult time on this shoot--where I'm a "glorified extra"--than I did on the "Bahamavention" spot.

The problem's mostly been "light" and "heat".

The "Bahamavention" thing shot indoors, and I was in shirtsleeves; this has been outdoors, I'm in a corderoy jacket-thing, and while I have a hard time keeping my eyes open in natural light, I have an even harder time keeping my eyes open with natural light, augmented by camera lights, all enhanced by big white reflective panels.

I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open, and a harder time not tearing up when I did (Makes me realize there's another reason I need to work out this sleep apnea stuff--I'm sure my bat-like light sensitivity is due, at least in part, to my chronic eye fatigue. But I don't think they let you do this stuff in the dark).

And that was all I wrote that day.

I was actually done by 12:30, but wasn't released till 2:45.

Missy-the aforementioned AD-gave me a wardrobe "bump" I don't think I was entitled to-I signed off on my paperwork, and that was that.

Not, to be honest, the most satisfying experience.

I think I've said in here, more than once, that I'm often "of two minds" when doing this stuff--My "Inner Lazy Guy" gets off on getting paid--and paid pretty well--to not do much of anything, while my "Inner Actor" is disappointed that I didn't do much of anything.

I'd like it sometime if my "Inner Lazy Guy" and "Inner Actor" got a chance to both be happy during one of these gigs, with a job where I had fun and got to enjoy free food and all that, but also did something that actually constituted "acting".

But more later. It's time for my pre-work nap.


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