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1:13 PM - Fri (12.02.22

Looking For Some "Money-Making Propositions"

(Have an hour and fifteen minutes before a scheduled phone call with Mark and Jane Z., so let's see how much writing I can get in beforehand...)

My friend and fellow actor Josh M. texted me yesterday - Like myself, he's also had a bunch of auditions recently, theorizing that ad departments are looking to finish spending their budgets before the year's out.

That makes sense. And because I'm a good guy, always ready to help out, I'm totally up for assisting them with their budgets by taking some of their money.

(Just checked on my health insurance...I'm still down the $147-and-change I need to qualify for next year. But as I said previously, it feels like a virtual done deal at this point. will be a relief when I check the site and see that I made it.)

So back to auditions...

Where things stand currently is, the theatrical audition I had the beginning of the week - It was due Tuesday afternoon, and I turned it in Monday night - probably didn't happen.

But the three commercial auditions (Two live ones, and one self-tape) are, far as I know, still in play - the earliest callbacks are on Tuesday - so even if I'm starting to feel that strong urge to get a call about one of them, I'm really still in that "bubble of possibility" I wrote about last time.

In a world where I got to choose, I know which one I'd want - the musical one - because there's more "performing" involved (And there'd likely be at least a day of ADR as well). But honestly, I'd be happy to get anything at this point.

(And I've thought about this before; because I'm the kind of actor I am - a character guy - the commercials I go in for always have a "fun" element to them. You're not likely to ever see me in a "serious" commercial extolling the virtues of this or that product. When I go in for something, however small, there's almost always some element of it that seems like it would be fun to do.)

Beyond acting stuff, there's not much going on.


I haven't done anything for Xmas yet.

I don't typically do much of anything for Xmas as a rule - maybe I get a few cards out, and give some of the kids in my circle some gift certificates - but this year I'd like to do at least a little something more, for a few people, as a gesture of my general goodwill.

By and large, the holidays don't depress me like they sometimes used to. But that said, I'd still be okay if they weren't a thing. And I don't think I mean that in a Grinch-Who-Stole-Xmas/Ebeneezer Scrooge kind-of-way - they just make me feel...stressed.


There've been no major developments on the documentary front.

As Jane suspected would be the case, she got rejected by Palm Beach - who, from what she read to me, seem to do the most cut-and-dried "rejection letter" of any place she's been rejected by - so, for now, the only thing we know is going to be a thing is the screening back in East Lansing for the Indie Film Festival.

I'm starting to be concerned that we're not going to get into any of the "buyer's market" festivals, that the film will get into however many film festivals it gets into, and nothing will really happen beyond that.

I want the film to have a life beyond film festivals. And honestly, from the responses we've gotten to the film thus far, I feel like it should have a life beyond film festivals.

Because I want the film to be seen, but I also want it to be a money-making proposition for Jane (Or at least not a total money pit).

But it's very possible I'm getting way ahead of myself here - I don't know what the future holds for the film. It's already gotten a stronger reaction from audiences than I thought it would (Because it's just a film about me and who gives a shit? Well, as it turns out, more people "give a shit", after seeing the film, than I realized).


Well, it's almost time for my call, so I'm going to end it here, because I don't think there's much else left to say anyhow.

Till next time...



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