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2:05 pm - Fri 12/3/04


In late-breaking news: Just got the message from JS--I booked a union "extra" job for G.E.

Not "jump up and down news"--It's better than not getting anything, to be sure, but not as good as getting a principal role--and I actually felt a moment's alarm as I thought "Oh shit! Now I've gotta go down to SAG and sign up, and I haven't even started to get paid for Jack-In-The-Box...!".

It also shoots next Wednesday, the 8th (a.k.a. "root canal day").

But apparently, I guess you can now do two jobs before you have to sign up, so I'm good.

And money's money (I don't think you get residuals as an extra, but it's still a pretty good "day rate" for hanging around on a set).

And I've re-scheduled the root-canal for the 22nd, when it's very unlikely anyone's going to be shooting anything.

So I'm just going to say "Isn't it nice that everything's working out?".


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