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1:42 pm - Sun 9/12/04
More Fun With Questionaires
(The site is being cranky today, for some reason, not letting me post this entry. So here we are, trying for the 3rd time...)

More Fun With Questionaires

Sun 9/12/04 (10:55 a.m.)

Some more questions, these from my friend Kevin.

You can answer too if you'd like.

1) Describe your perfect date.

Pretty girl, good movie, coffee and dessert afterwards, then off to her place for some sex (I'm a simple man, with simple desires).

2) Would you settle for less?

I should be laying off desserts anyway, so we could skip that.

3) Counting on a hand, who are the five most valuable people to you right now?

Mark & Jane, Cary & Kay, Kevin

4) Are you living life like they are the five most important people to you right now?

I think so. I'd be genuinely surprised if they didn't know how important they are to me.

5) Have you ever tried pot?

It's kind of strange. I probably haven't smoked pot twenty times in my life, but I'm a big fan. I even have a little "rap" about the virtues of pot versus alcohol–"I've never been hung over after smoking pot, I've never said anything I regretted...", etc. I think under different circumstances–a different set of friends, more disposal income, etc-- I could have been quite the stoner.

( If I had the money, I might be smoking pot as I write this.)

6) Any heavier drugs?

Is acid "heavier"...? I had a bit of an acid "phase" when I was a young adult (Beth 1.0 turned me on to it).

Smoked hash a few times. Did "poppers" once (Didn't like it, which I guess is why I only did them once).

It occurs to me that I basically tried any drug I was exposed to when I was younger, so I was lucky I was never exposed to "the hard stuff" at "an impressionable age"

7) Do you have any concerns about the tap water that you drink?

L.A. tap water is a pretty dicey proposition, which is why there are these little water stations that dispense a gallon of filtered water for 25 cents, and stores that just sell water (I've looked at this and thought "How's the 21st century, I'm in a major American city, and here we are basically ‘going to the well' for our water").

For a time, I'd fill a gallon jug with tap water and put it in the fridge, since when it was really cold, I didn't notice the taste as much. But then, when a half-empty jug had sat in the fridge for a long time, and the water turned kind of rust-colored, with this weird silt on the bottom, that made me a little nervous.

But I still make my instant coffee with water from the tap, optimistically assuming the heat will kill any carcinogens.

8) Do you have a problem with air quality?

Not in the sense that I cough and hack when I'm outside, and fear for my life. But I'm very aware of what a dirty, dirty city I live in. For example, I usually take a shower right before I hop on my bike to go to work, but by the time I get there, I'm pretty grimy; I can rub my palms together, or rub my face with my hands, and bring up little runners and balls of dirt (I also notice it in terms of how quickly my white car goes back to looking not-so-white after a car wash). It kind of grosses me out to think that I'm breathing that shit–Especially since I breathe through my mouth a lot of the time-but what are ya gonna do? It's "life in the big city", baby!

9) Do you eat meat, and if so why do you or do you not?

Is "turkey bologna" actually meat...?

I think, first and foremost, I like meat, and any rationale in support of eating meat springs from that. Whatever the vegetarians' arguments are, however compelling and well-reasoned, my emotional response is pretty much John Travolta's from Pulp Fiction: "But bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good...".

10) What's some pillow talk that backfired?

"Pillow talk" comes after the sex, right?

I can't really remember any "pillow talk that backfired", but the question made me think of this...

I was in the early phases of seeing a girl, back in the days I was still doing that sort of thing, and when were making out, I started talking about how I'd be willing to wait for us to both take Aids tests before we had sex.

This was total "self-interest" on my part. Not that the girl was skanky or anything like that; I'd just had a couple bad condom experiences–With a condom, the girl's gotta be ready, you've gottta be ready, and you've gotta get the condom on quickly enough that you don't lose your... "state of readiness", and I had a tough time coordinating all that–and I wanted to be able to go "bareback". Not for the sensation, but to just not have another sexual failure.

I actually thought this would impress her, that I was willing to wait till it was "safe". But I had "jumped the gun", or was at least guilty of bad timing, and probably insulted her in the process; I certainly didn't mean to suggest she was a disease-ridden ho, but she might have taken it that way (As I recall, we never did quite get around to having sex).


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