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2:40 pm - Sat 3/15/03
Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall

Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall...

Riding in to work yesterday, just a few blocks from the store, I ran over something. And by the time I got to the store's parking lot, my back tire was pretty much flat.

During lunch, I thought about trying to fix it myself, but I'd never gotten around to getting the right stuff (the adjustable wrench, the grease pencil), the puncture was obviously quite a bit worse than the (by comparison) slow leak Tim and Joe helped me with last time, and...well, what can I say? I actually got as far as taking the kickstand off, prior to removing the tire, but lost faith in myself.

But beyond issues of faith, I've been having other problems with the bike anyway--The gear shifts are broken (The bike still goes, but most of its 21 speeds are not available to me), and at least one spoke is broken, if not more, which is making the back tire wobble and periodically scrape against the frame--so I just thought "As long as I have to have them fix that other stuff anyway...I might as well have them change the inner tube.

So I left the bike at work last night, got a ride home, and drove to work this morning, in the rain, to take it to the bike shop.

To fix everything will be $76 and change.

And they'll have it done by Tuesday.

Of those two facts, the one that was more depressing/upsetting was the "by Tuesday" part; I don't want to spend the money, of course, but right now I have the money, so it's not that big a deal. But going a couple days without my bike feels like a major pain-in-the-ass, even if in the basic scheme of things, it's really not.

It's still raining as I write this. I've been debating how to get to work--the car or the bus?

If it weren't raining, I'd say definitely the bus, but it is. But complicating the usual annoying "parking issue" with the car is the fact that there's a temporary "tow away zone" in front of my building through most of the day tomorrow, meaning that if I chose to drive to work today, my problems with parking when I got home would be worse than ever, because all the people who typically park on this street will have had to go elsewhere.

This is pretty boring, isn't it? And unfortunately, I don't have time to get to the "good stuff", because I have to go catch the bus.

See ya later, kids...


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