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4:25 pm - Fri 6/15/07
The Rainbow Tree

The Rainbow Tree

(Just got back from shopping--I'm spending a crazy amount on groceries lately. But anyway...)

Was debating whether to do this or write Jane, but since I have limited time--and a lot to write Jane about--"this" wins out.

Had an audition out in Tarzana today (One of the two auditions I mentioned in my last entry), for the part of the "Chauffeur" in a SAG "modified low budget" film titled The Rainbow Tree.

I don't know why, but I was very nervous on my way there.

I hadn't been to Tarzana before, so that might have been part of the nervousness, but the directions weren't very tough--Most of the way on the 101, then two turns, and I was there. And since there wasn't that much at stake, in terms of money or a good part or what-have-you, I'm not sure what my deal was (I actually might have been nervous about getting it, in this case).

Anyhow, I thought I did okay. Not great, but okay. There's no way to guage, really, since I didn't see the other people reading for it, but when I left, I felt like it could go either way without shocking me in the least.


Yesterday, in an effort to combat my blues, and related hermit tendencies (If I "don't know what to do with myself" on a day off, I usually don't "do anything with myself"), I went on a long afternoon bike ride.

I leisurely rode from my apartment to Culver City, stopped at McDonalds (Effectively negating any calorie-burning effect of the trip), then went back home, a total of about 16 1/2 miles.

I'm not sure it altered my mood that much--maybe a little--but at least I could say "Well, I'm not just rotting away in my apartment".

(I still want to, at some point, bike to the beach. I'm not sure how much further that would be than I went yesterday, but I want to give that a try.)

Well, I'm now officially running late for work (Another phone shift, which is no big deal, but it still doesn't mean I want to go)...


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