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10:59 pm - Weds 12.25.2008
A Rainy, Gray Xmas Day

A Rainy, Gray Xmas Day

Well, another Xmas winds to a close...

In an effort to make the best of things, I'd planned to see a movie (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) at the Vista, and eat somewhere in the Los Feliz neighborhood (Maybe Fred62, or House of Pies).

But it was cold and gray and rainy, and after seeing The Wrestler and Gran Torino this past week, I wasn't really sure if I was up for another meditation on mortality & decay, no matter how well executed.

And that was the only thing I wanted to see that was within walking distance (Didn't want to take the Metro to ArcLight to see Doubt - too crowded today, not to mention too expensive - and it didn't make sense to bike to the Sunset 5 to see Rachel Getting Married or Let The Right One In; yes, I recently bought a rain suit specifically for biking in the rain, but if you're going to the movies, where do you put the rain suit once you get there?).

Anyway, at noon I started walking in the direction of Los Feliz, not really "feeling it", but feeling like I should do something today.

So I ended up just going to the Sizzler five or six blocks from my house.

I ate too much, spent too much, and to honest, didn't really enjoy it that much (I had a "Sizzling Trio" of steak, shrimp, and chicken, with the salad bar; I'd told myself going into today that I was going to let myself "indulge", and not worry about "points" today, but I still didn't feel good about leaving Sizzler feeling like I was going to throw up. In terms of having a good meal, and not spending so much money, I could have just done the entree or the salad bar - I didn't really need both).

Anyway, I was there maybe 45 minutes, then came back home.

I went out two more times (Once for cat food - where I went first to Walgreen, then to Rite-Aid, then back to Walgreen - and later when I thought maybe I'd go to the 5:00 "Benjamin Button", before turning around and coming back home after about six blocks).

I probably should have gone.

But I just didn't feel like it.

But I probably should have gone - I had too much time on my hands today, too much time to myself to think things I shouldn't be thinking.

But as I've said before, it's really just a day.

And it's a day that's coming to a close.

And I have to get to bed, because I have to do a super-early Weight Watchers meeting in the morning (Where I'm the fill-in Receptionist, and Lynn K. - the leader from my member meetings on Beverly Blvd - is going to be the fill-in Leader).

Happy Holidays...


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