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3:39 pm - Sun 8/03/03
Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Feeling my usual ambivalence about the cuts in hours at work; As I said to a coworker yesterday, "If not for the crushing poverty, this would be all right" (Yesterday I went in an hour-and-a-half later than usual. Today I'm not scheduled till 5:30--I usually start at 2:30--for just a five-hour shift).

Yesterday was something of a banner day--I made tentative plans to "hang out" with two of my coworkers.

One of those "coworkers" is not going to be my coworker much longer; Mandy gave her two week's notice last night (She'd gotten a real job and wanted to go down to working Friday nights at the bookstore, but apparently, that doesn't fit in with the new GM's grand design).

Mandy is the too-young, too-pretty girl I asked out sometime back. She wasn't really interested, but said, by way of consolation prize, that we could "hang out" (It took me a while to figure out if I was really up for just "hanging out"--code, I thought, for "lets just be friends"--so when I realized I was, I approached her again. Then some more time passed--I'm really not very good at this sort of thing--and one night recently she asked for my number).

Anyway, when she told me she had given her notice, she said we'd have to "have coffee" the first weekend she wasn't working at the bookstore, to "ease the transition".

So she's taken some initiative, which is what I'd been hoping for; I hadn't been sure, after the first time I asked her out, if the "we can hang out" stuff was genuine or just a gentle brush-off, but I leaned towards the latter (Mostly because of the startled panic in her eyes when I asked). And I wasn't nuts about the idea of getting rejected a second time if I pressed the "hanging out" issue ("Jim, what I meant was 'Hell no!'. I thought you understood that...").

But anyway...

When I told Pat about all this, he said, "You know, we should hang out sometime...".

Pat's been at the store a couple months now, and over that time, we've become friends.

Pat's in his early 30's, I believe, is a recovering alcoholic, and "came out" two or three years ago. He's a journalist--I think up to this point, mostly for small town papers--and is trying to get back into the game (For the record, I've talked to him a lot about how great I think Mandy is, so I don't think there's any "issues" there).

He's a good guy. He started out being very quiet (Mostly worked the register), so it took awhile before I had any sense if there was anything of interest there or not. But we've worked together quite a bit since then, he's "come out of his shell", and we get along very well.

So we're going to see a movie or something, in a week or two (Next week, he's off to New York for a week).

So there it is--Jim bemoans his lack of friends to hang out with, and potential friends are coming out of the woodwork.

I guess now all I need to do is bemoan my lack of a sex life, and the lack of major movie roles, and I'll be all set...


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