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12:40 pm - Mon 5/10/04
Jury Duty Redux

Jury Duty Redux

In the jury assembly room, 40 minutes into our 90 minute lunch break...

We haven't started on time once since this thing started, and today was no exception (Well, actually today was an exception--It was the longest time we've been kept waiting. We were instructed to show up at 9:45, and didn't start till after 11:00).

We're down to final arguments, the judges instructions, and deliberations.

I was hoping we might actually get done a little early today, so I could try to get a little sleep between this and the second day of the Time Warner shoot (Which is in Burbank. My call time is at 6:00).

I'm such a cockeyed optimist...!

Not only are we not likely to get done today, the court clerk said if it was, say, 4:00, he would ask us if we might be able to finish by 5:00 (The latest we've been dismissed up to now has been 4:35, the day I had my callback).

Of course, if that happens, I will suddenly decide I need another day to think about things (Which I might need anyway, to be honest).

I'm not going to talk about the details of the case at this point--I'm not supposed to, and it's not so thrilling that I just can' t hold it in--but I'm getting to the end of my experience (I hope!) just as ambivalent as when I started, if not more so.

I'm not blowing this off at all, and don't plan to try to rush the deliberations, but I am ready to wrap this up, and get back to my bookstore/commercial audition routine.

One fear--that this will go long enough to go into my "long weekend", effectively being the second week I've not really had a day off.

Well, I guess whatever happens, happens...


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