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3:00 pm - FRI 10.20.2012
Reflecting On "NCIS"

Reflecting On NCIS

I don't think I've written about my recent appearance on NCIS (And if I did, I'm too lazy to check)...

People are often interested in what I think when I see something I've done on tv (I guess because of the zillions of times we've heard actors talk about how much they hate watching their own work).

My first, visceral impression is always, "Yikes! I am one seriously ugly man!"


I'm very possibly the ugliest man I've ever seen on tv...excluding people made up to look ugly, or people with severe facial deformities (or victims of terrible accidents), who show up from time-to-time on daytime talk shows.

(Oddly enough - I never feel that way about my appearance when just looking at myself in the mirror. But on tv? Well, like I said before - "Yikes!")

Beyond the sheer visual horror, I watch to see how the final scene turned out - how it was edited (And how much of my role remains), whether I think it "works" or not, etc - and I just enjoy the fact that I came out here to be an actor on television...and there I am, being an actor on television.

That last part keeps being pretty cool; I would like to succeed more, and more often, but when I do, I don't mind saying that I love it playing out on a national "stage".

But anyway, I was pretty okay with how the scene "played-out" - It's not a terribly difficult scene, but as the "cold open" it definitely had a job to do (Be interesting, and lightly comic), and I think it "worked" pretty well.

It was fun to watch it, and think back to the day of the shoot - The excitement of just being there, getting to chat with David McCallum between takes, etc - and be reminded, "Hey, you know what? This isn't just a 'fantasy' anymore - I'm an honest-to-goodness professional actor".

I've been anxious and upset at how "slow" things have been (so far) in the second half of the year - which is when I typically do my serious booking - but seeing myself on NCIS was a nice respite from that anxiety and upset...if just for a moment.


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